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How to Become a Bartender With No Experience

Updated on May 13, 2014

The Beginning Of The Bartender Art

The work of Bartender is the art of serving the bar customers with drinks of every kind, from sodas, juices to hard alcoholic ones. Even though this sounds simple, many people still need to know how to become a bartender.

How to become a bartender?
How to become a bartender?

In the olden days, the gathering joints were known as taverns and in the days of Julius Caesar, there were inns along the roadside where travelers were served with drinks. It is also obvious, according to the Greek history, that ancient Greeks used to have social centers where people gathered to socialize and enjoy drinks.

With time, these meeting points became favorite places of play, relaxation and pass time. The places were increasingly being viewed as business ventures where the owners provided some entertainment and refreshments in return for handsome profits.

Today it's the same, people going to various public halls and private clubs to drink, socialize, relax, and sample some entertainment, and drinks have intensified. It is no longer a simple matter and those entering this arena as workers must know that they need skills on how to become a bartender.

The bartender’s job has taken a new turn and it involves a lot, as opposed to just serving drinks. The bartender may be a special duty which involves training in many ways of handling work in a bar. There are those who take this work on a part time basis but and not as a full time professionals, this happens especially in the holiday seasons when the demand for bar hands goes up because of the increased number of customers.

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What Are The Expectation From A Professional Bartender?

The expectations of the bar goers have gone a notch higher over the years, and those serving them have to get training on how to become a bartender. They must have the right credentials and knowledge to satisfy customer needs in an ever evolving beverage industry.

Cocktails on the bar
Cocktails on the bar

The bartender must undergo training as a barkeeper, tapster, mixologist, barmaid, customer care, human relations and psychology. The tapster is the act of drawing and serving some alcohol in a bar, whereas a mixologist is the one who is experienced in mixing different cocktails and drinks.

Bartenders end up doing a lot more than serving drinks, because sometimes they are expected to manage the cash books of the club, by collecting cash, preparing the cash register, and giving receipts to the customers.

Bartender tasks usually include the washing of glasses, drying them and serving the drinks. It also includes keeping track of the liquor inventory, and other items for use at the bar.

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The names of the regular drinks must be at this person’s fingertips, and of course, he must know how to prepare the tots, the level of alcohol in every brand and how to mix them to satisfactory taste and strengths. This is because the chief commodity that is sold at the bars is to do with alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and the like.

Most bars have now incorporated the entertainment segment as part of the activities at the clubs. This means the bar hires dancers and music troupes to entertain the revelers, especially in the case of the present day nightclubs.

Even in the colleges to do with the hotel industry, there are people who specialize in how to become a bartender by making the beverages course their main area of expertise.

Basics Of Bartending - Bartending Video For Beginners

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