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How to Become a Firefighter ? Skills Required for a Successful Fire Fighting Career

Updated on April 2, 2015

Career in Fire Fighting

Fire fighter’s job is something that requires a person to hold great responsibilities. Along with it they have to face a lot of risks and travel through danger in order to save other’s lives. Hence those interested in this field, need to have some skills when thinking of becoming a fire fighter. This job not only requires fighting fire which is only one aspect of the job. So various skills would be taken into account by employers while selecting a person for this job. Even though various training courses are available to reach up to this goal, it is necessary that the person should possess some skills that would help them do their job carefully and efficiently. Some skills that help a person to become an effective fire fighter are listed below.

How To Become a Volunteer Firefighter

The five most important skills to become a fire fighter

Physical fitness

A person who wishes to become a fire fighter must be physically fit because he must be strong enough to carry heavy objects, do repetitive tasks, run a long distance or to break down heavy objects that may become the part of the job. Special training regimens and physical techniques can be used in order to get the maximum out of any body type. It is the most important skill that the job demands since they have to perform a number of complex tasks under life-threatening conditions.

Positive attitude

A fire fighter should always possess a positive attitude. He should be optimistic and trust that the best result will occur in emergency situations. Since this job requires to work under stressful conditions he should be able to maintain emotional control. He should also be willing to take charge when necessary.

Team spirit

A fire fighter’s job is a team work. Hence he should be working as a team member and maintain effective working relationships with superiors and subordinates. Give equal importance to the opinion of your team members while in work. Try to stay calm and get along easily with others. It’s better to work with little or no supervision. He may also have to handle critical decision-making under life-threatening conditions. Take into consideration the opinion of your team members in such situations. So a good fire fighter should also be a good listener. Only a good listener can become a member of a team.

Concern for others

A fire fighter’s job may include vehicle accidents, drowning, medical emergencies, natural disasters etc. It’s a physically challenging work with uneven hours and extreme physical strain. He will have to deal with critically injured or ill people. Hence a fire fighter should be willing to serve and help people regardless of their social status. The person should possess a genuine and caring attitude towards all people. Consideration for the fellow beings is one of the most important skills required for this job.

Knowledge of first aid techniques

Since the job of a fire fighter deals with various dangerous situations, he need to have expert knowledge of first aid techniques or have a medical background. There is always a possibility that someone will need immediate medical attention. He should also have the ability to perform under pressure and also the knowledge of how to use the various equipments effectively and safely, required for the job.

Increase Fire Safety Awareness in your Community

The above mentioned skills are very important for a fire fighter in order to accomplish their duties. These skills are capable enough to successfully drive a firefighter into a particular situation and to have immediate control over it and save the victims as well as guarantee minimum damage of the property. Although these skills help to be a good fire fighter, the emergency situations have to be handled in a well planned way to acquire most advantageous result.


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