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How to Become a Photogrammetrist

Updated on January 22, 2012

Photogrammetry is the process of surveying by use of photographs. Photogrammetrists who achieve a professional level after photogrammetry education and experience can earn a competitive salary. Surveyor and cartographer are related professions.

While there may be some photogrammetry degree programs, many colleges have a bachelor's degree program in surveying and mapping science. Some of these programs allow aspiring photogrammetrists to earn a concentration in this major. An example is East Tennessee State University. See the link below for details. Getting a college degree like this is beneficial to starting a career as a photogrammetrist. The other benefit is that you can also be getting an education for land surveying and cartography. These are all different but related jobs that can be learned with the same degree program in many cases.

It is not necessarily required to get a degree to break into the business, as many technicians are hired without a bachelor's degree. However, as job competition gets stiffer and technology increases, having at least a bachelor's degree in a field that includes a photogrammetry and GIS education will be helpful in starting a career.

It is also important to get an education if you want photogrammetrist certification. Obtaining certification requires education, experience, and passing a photogrammetry exam. Like any other profession, getting certified is going to be good for your career prospects because it is the best proof of expert knowledge in the field.

There are not so many photogrammetrists in the United States, but they earn a good salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics combines cartographers into the same group, and the group, as a whole, had 11,670 jobs in May of 2010. The median salary was a considerable $54,000 at that time. By far, the two biggest employers are architectural and engineering firms and local governments. Look to these kinds of employers to find photogrammetry jobs after or while still obtaining your college education.


East Tennessee State University: Educational Concentration in Photogrammetry and Geographic Information Systems

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Career Information on Cartographers and Photogrammetrists


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