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How to Become an "Image" Club Promoter at Elite Nightclubs

Updated on May 6, 2013

Promoting nightclubs as an image promoter is different than other kinds of club promotion. Image promoters don’t have to worry about bringing a ton of people. They don’t have to worry about booking DJs or hiring bartenders or other staff. They don’t even worry about how much the club is earning every night.

What are “Image” Club Promoters

Image promoters are worried about one thing, and one thing alone. Bringing in a small group of the prettiest girls around.

Why do Nightclubs use image promoters? I think that the answer is obvious. The club with the most attractive girls attracts the guys with the most money.

Those $20 dollar drinks, or $500 dollar bottles go down a lot easier when there are dozens of tall slender women that look like they came from the pages of magazines to help you drink them.

Other kinds of club promoters focus on bringing more paying customers to a club.

Who Can Be an Image Club Promoter?

Image promotion is a very competitive business. As you can imagine, there are only so many hot club girls to go around- and there are tons of would be promoters or sub promoters all vying for the same girls. Generally, people who are successful image promoters have some kind of an edge that gives them access to tons of attractive girls. Here are some common ways that promoters gain an edge:

  • Model Promoter Apartments – There are thousands of pretty girls that move to cities like New York and LA every year to pursue modeling or acting- many of them with little money. Promoters with model apartments offer girls a place to live in exchange for coming out to clubs a certain number of nights a week.
  • Connections with Modeling Agencies – Image promoters may be connected somehow to a modeling agency, as a booker, a model scout or, they may even be models themselves. Many guys that work as models through some of the cities larger agencies are also successful image promoters on the side.

What do Image Promoters get Paid?

This is probably going to surprise you- but top image promoters in large cities such as NYC, Miami, and LA can earn over $1,000 dollars a night- some even as much as $1,500 per night!

But make no mistake – image promotion is not easy work. To be successful at it, you need some kind of an edge over all those other promoters- all fighting for the same girls.

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