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How to Become an Indiana Notary Public

Updated on June 8, 2011

A notary public is an official witness to document signing. He administers oaths of authenticity to the people who sign documents. He is necessary to certify legal forms & confirm that the people are actually who they claim to be. Becoming an Indiana notary is simple & requires the submission of a few forms & a small bit of money.


Potential notaries public in Indiana must be residents of Indiana who are older than 18 and are not felons. You are able to establish Indiana residency in two ways: claim your Indiana home as your personal and sole residence for state & federal tax purposes, or become a registered voter in Indiana. You do not necessarily need to be a United States citizen.

If you meet all of these requirements, you may submit an application form. Be prepared to purchase a $5000, four-year bond from an insurance agent in the state. Mail the application, proof of your bond, and the minimal filing fee to the Indiana Secretary of State. You will receive your commission in about four to six weeks. After which, acquire a notary seal from an office supply or stationary store before you begin notarizing. You must also obtain and keep records in a notary journal.

Your notary public commission is valid for three years, and you must submit a renewal application when your commission expires.


There are private companies that offer training services to individuals who wish to become notary publics in Indiana. However, none of these training facilities are officially recognized, and none are required to become a notary. In fact, Indiana does not officially recognize any training facility, so any private company attempting to tell you that there services are mandatory or recognized by the state are attempting to mislead you.

It is, however, a good idea to complete a training program before becoming a notary. Indiana offers workshops about how to function as a notary public, but even these are not required. These are free to anyone, and a calendar of upcoming workshops is available at the Indiana Secretary of State website.

You do not need a degree to become a notary public in Indiana. The only education and training requirement is that you read the Indiana manual for notary publics. This manual is also available from the Secretary of State.


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    • profile image

      stacy 6 years ago

      The commission for a Notary Public is actually eight years in the State of Indiana, not three.