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How to Become an Online Tutor: Share Your knowledge for Fun and Profit

Updated on January 23, 2011

Teaching is an ancient profession. People have shared their knowledge with the world for hundreds of years. A tutor is someone who helps people on a one on one basis or in slighter larger groups. Tutors work to help students improve their understanding of a subject. A job as online tutor can be an ideal way to combine your love of helping people with the opportunity to make money. If you have knowledge of a specific subject you can become an online tutor.

Review Your Skills

The very first step to finding an online tutoring job is to take an inventory of your skills. Math tutors are in high demand. Reading and writing tutors are also in great demand. If you have mastered basic math, understand how to write a term paper and can walk students through ways to improve their college level reading skills, you can find ready work. Online tutors work with students from all backgrounds. A parent may hire a tutor with a background in developing reading skills to assist her child with decoding phonics. Parents also hire people to work on with older children and kids. An older child might need help with algebra. A college bound senior might need assistance from a writing tutor in preparing his college admissions essay.

If you have high test scores, a degree from a good college, a teaching background or even a child who does well in school, you can use your backgroun to help you become an online tutor.

Start by writing a resume that illustrates your understanding of the needs of students. The essay should include your own educational background. If you are a writer with good clips, you can emphasize this fact to potential students looking for a writing tutor. If you are an accountant or an engineer, put this on your resume. Math tutors should have at least one college level math course to their credit for consideration.

Apply for Tutoring Jobs

Once you have completed your resume and cover letter you can start applying for online tutoring jobs. In general online tutoring jobs consist of two areas. Tutoring services serve as a go between between clients and online tutors. A tutoring service vets candidates for online tutoring jobs and finds clients for tutors. In turn the tutoring service takes a cut of any hourly fee. The tutoring service also provides technical help for an online tutor. If you have a serious teaching background but are not entirely familiar with the internet this may be an ideal choice.

Private tutors work with individual clients. They offer their services as a math tutor or a writing tutor to specific people. The private tutor finds the client and makes all arrangements. In turn the private tutor takes all the fees offered.

Many online tutors work as both private tutors and with tutoring services. A mixture of the two can help keep you as busy as you want each week.

If you want to sign up with tutoring service you'll typically be tested before you begin about your knowledge of a particular subject. A math tutor should expect the test to include knowledge of geometry and algebra. A writing tutor will be tested on her ability to demonstrate mastery of coherent paragraphs and sentence structure.

The tutoring service will check your references and walk you through how to set up classes. At that point you can sign up to work with clients. Once you begin tutoring, you can build up a base of satisfied clients. People may approach you to become their private tutor. If you are patient with people and can help them see results you will be popular and well paid.

As an online tutor you can expect to be paid per hourly lesson. Sessions may last as little as half an hour or up to two hours. You might work with a single client as an online tutor to help them improve their math skills by demonstrating via webcam and skype how to solve a particular problem. An English as a Second Language tutor might use this time to show how to write essays for the Test of English as a Foreign Language.

The best way to become an online tutor is to investigate all possible ways of employment. If you can demonstrate an understanding of a subject and the ethusiasm to teach it, a lucrative job awaits.

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