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How to Build Your Own Blog

Updated on September 26, 2010

Create your own blog for free.

A blog can have many functions but most people use them as a way to communicate their ideas with other people. Blogging has become a popular way to express a person's opinion or commentary. You can use a blog to share with others ideas or your articles and make some money on the side. Start creating your blog by finding a website that you find user friendly and sign up. For example is an excellent start. Once you have an account you will have the opportunity to start building your blog just like you would be building your own website. You can customize your blog to your own personality and interests.

Follow some of these tips on how to build your own blog:

Write Good Content

Write Articles that have Good Content. The more content you have the more successful your blog will be because people are drawn to the content of your blog. You can have multiple different blogs if you have different topics of interest but your blog will be the most successful if you can interest your readers. The most successful blogs have multiple articles, images and links to other sites. Start with a basic blog and your can expand on your ideas over time.

Direct Traffic

Send Traffic to Your Blog. Link Your Blog to Hubpages or other sites you are affiliated with such as On your hubpages homepage make sure you put a link to your blog once you have some good content. This is an excellent way to start promoting your new blog. A successful blog has readers

Join Google's Adsense

Start Making Money. Most blog sites offer a link to Google Adsense. Most people are aware that Google Adsense can make you money. Adsense is very easy to sign up for except that in order to be approved you need to have good content on your site first. Most blogs will allow you to add the Google adds and arrange and position them to your liking. You do not have to have adds on your blog but it is one simple way to generate some revenue. However, you will not make money unless you have traffic going to your site.

Join Affiliate Programs

Amazon affiliate program. If you can easily promote products on your site consider using the Amazon affiliate program along with Adsense or instead of. Amazon will give you a percentage of all the products they sell. They start with 4% of the sale and after so many items have been purchased they will increase your percentage. Keep in mind, again, it takes a tremendous amount of traffic to start earning money.

Use Keywords

Use the Google tool Adwords. Google Adwords can help you find the keywords that will help draw more traffic to your blog. Keywords are important because people will find your blog by typing into a search engine certain words specific to a topic. The keywords you choose will help your blog be placed higher in the search engine results and more likely a user will click into your blog.


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