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How to Build and Manage Your Online Reputation

Updated on November 29, 2011
Marketing with social media
Marketing with social media

Build a Positive Online Reputation

It takes commitment and hard work to establish a positive and successful online reputation.  Once you have accomplished this, it is important to regularly monitor your online presence in order to protect your business from negative feedback that can destroy the reputation you work so hard to build. Feedback from satisfied customers can make your business more successful.  But of course the reverse is true as well.  Negative feedback from dissatisfied customers can be devastating to your online reputation.  The same tools you use to promote your business can be used to monitor its success.  Through social media sites, blogs, and forums you can keep track of your company's reputation and the level of your customer satisfaction.  You can also use these sites to keep track of what your competition is up to.

Online reputation
Online reputation

Track Your Reputation With Key Words

By researching key words and phrases you can track your company name through the various search engines.  Knowing who is looking for you and the key words they are using to find you, will help you design an online campaign that will best serve your customer's needs.  Satisfied customers will help build a positive reputation.

Blogs and forums are an excellent tool to monitor the success of your business.  Not only can they be used to promote your company, but by staying engaged in the online community, you stay in tune with the needs of your prospective customers.  Instant communication allows you to make changes and improvements and show your customers that you care about their concerns and are willing to adjust to meet them.

Moniter your online presence
Moniter your online presence

Proptly Respond to Negative Feedback

Customers may use social media and blogs to sing your praises, but they will also spread bad news, just as fast. By frequently monitoring sites that cater to your specific business or product, you can keep on top of negative feedback and respond to it. A quick response is the best defense you have against a negative review. Also, responding in a positive manner, will help diminish the problems that could arise from harmful feedback. The best response is a positive one and a sincere offer to fix the problem. Then of course, make sure you do your best to follow through. Use a blog or forum to announce that you are aware of the problem and that you are working on solving it. If the complaint against you is unfounded, you can ask that it be removed from the site. There are some unscrupulous businesses that will use social media to sabotage their competition.

If you make a habit of being a regular contributor to blogs and forums related to your business, you not only establish a presence that will contribute to customer trust, you will be aware of negative feedback as soon as it is posted.

Social media
Social media


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