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How to Buy Web Content Through Constant Content

Updated on July 19, 2012

Where Article Writers Sell Articles, Blog Posts, Reviews and More

Publishing Web content can be made easier with the purchase of professionally-written Web content. On Constant Content, Web content buyers can either buy articles and other written materials that have already been written, or they can request specific items to be written.

There are two types of accounts on Constant Content- customer and author. Sign up as a customer in order to buy Web content. This will enable purchasing ready-made Web content or placing a request for new content.

Existing Written Content

Constant Content features and easy drop-down menu on its search box that allows buyers to search for written items, photography, video or illustrations. To buy articles or other written Web content that has already been written, choose the written option and type keywords into the search box.

Customers can also choose to refine the search by choosing to limit their search to articles, blog entries, reviews, tutorials or premium articles. Any article labeled as a premium article is one that the site has designated as having exceptional quality and detail. These are often longer than average Web content articles as well, and many are prices higher than articles without this designation.

Requesting Web Content Articles

The request feature allows customers to place a request on the site for their exact content specifications. This includes the desired length of the article, report, review or blog post as well as the price that the customer wishes to pay. Customers can make other specifications as well, including keywords, the keyword density and how many articles they wish to buy.

Constant Content writers who elect to receive Web content request emails are then notified of the request and can choose whether to write the content. Those who write it submit it to the site where it's checked for accuracy, correct formatting and content. If approved, the writer can then submit the approved Web content to the customer.

Customers who offer a fair price for the length of the article and the amount of research that will go into it will get more content to choose from than those who offer prices too low for writers to consider. Constant Content writers pay a commission of 35 percent and have many Web content requests to choose from.

Search Writers

Customers can also choose the article writers that they want to handle their work and make a special request to the writer they choose, based on their profile information, the body of work they have for sale on the site or because the customer has received good content from the article writer and wants more work from them. Article writers are notified of private a request through email and can choose whether to fulfill the request.

Buying Content Rights

Article writers can choose to sell the full rights to the article, which means that the content will be removed from the site once the full rights are purchased. Full rights give the buyer the right to use the item for anything they choose.

Constant Content article writers can also choose to sell usage rights, giving the customer the right to use the item in their own web pages and newsletters, but not to post them elsewhere or change the words of the content. When unique rights are bought, the content is removed from the site and can't be purchased again.

If the writer chooses to sell usage rights, it means that multiple customers can buy the rights to the content. If the writer offers usage as well as other rights, the content will be taken off the site if either unique or full rights are bought. If someone buys the usage rights, the full and unique rights options will disappear.


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