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How to Change Bad Luck

Updated on May 25, 2012

The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn


Flowers Bloom in the Rain

Remaining Calm Enough to Analyze Your Luck

How often do the self-made men and women of this world tell us there's no such thing as luck? Even bad luck is better than no luck at all.

Think of the law of probabilities. If you have bad luck this morning, your chance of good luck in the evening just increased.

The problem with luck is that people expect too much. You have to have a feel for just how much of either type you'll get in a normal day. Then you'll know when you're on a roll (which is dangerous because it means it's time to calm down) or when you're not (which is good because you're due).

The last person who tried to beat the odds in Vegas found out the hard way that he can't. Yes, "he." It was a guy. Chances are, it was a guy.

The law of probabilities is just that. It's a law. If you have a one in four chance of picking the right number, then over the course of time you'll pick 25%, no more, no less. The trick is knowing about how long it takes to even out to the 25% consistently day after day. Maybe it takes an hour, or four hours, or eight. Only experience can teach you about how long it should take.

Therefore, if you decide to spend an hour checking Craigslist for jobs, and you know that in an hour you can scan 1,000 job titles and apply for 5 jobs that you want, then the key number is not one (the hour) or 1,000 (how many jobs you check). It's 5. That's all you care about -- those 5. The ones that looked good. The winners.

Here it is: as soon as you hit those 5, quit. Don't keep checking. Don't think you're on a roll. Don't easily become so optimistic. Stop expecting success for no reason, and quit what you're doing. You're finished for the day because you've reached your quota.

This can be applied to any facet of life, be it romance or money, religion or health, in-laws or outlaws, or even the weather in New England. When lady luck hands you something for free, don't get greedy.

You'll change bad luck into good luck simply by persistence, because if you've checked the job listings for 45 minutes and got only 1 job application, then it's time to press onward until you get your 5, or until your time is up (don't be a fool and beat your head against the wall if it just isn't your lucky day--tomorrow's a new day).

Some of us even have had more than our fair share of experience in the difficult task of changing good luck into bad. Usually, we've done this by pressing onward when we shouldn't. Our expectations were raised by so much good luck that illogical, unreasonable, foolish, idiotic optimism crept in. Sorry. Optimism has its place, but just not here.

So when bad luck strikes, rejoice. Yes, it means you've been humiliated. But there again, it's time to prepare for fun and excitement because now you're due for bad luck's Siamese twin, good luck.

One last thing. Luck is just that. It comes from out of nowhere. It comes from left field. We never know. We can't describe it in advance. It's what we call an unforeseeable circumstance.

No matter in what form it will appear, however, there's a pattern. It's like a toggle switch going back and forth between good and bad. Your good luck may be a nice phone call. Your bad luck, stale tofu (mine was once, and I wasn't so happy go lucky).


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    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 3 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Great article. Most do not understand probability and odds. Too many see the side of the risk of the gamble and as you share with easy to understand language. Not the opportunity of winning or having good luck.