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How to Consistently Rank Your YouTube Videos in the Search Engines

Updated on June 24, 2014

Successful YouTube Strategies

How to Consistently Rank Your YouTube Videos in the Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization is the only way to truly ensure that your Videos rank on YouTube. The more successful you are in optimizing your video for the search engines the more those search engines will reward you with higher rankings of your videos.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to consistently rank your videos on Google and if you do this properly you will also have a very powerful method of monetizing your videos in the process.

Step 1:- Search Engine Optimization

Do a proper and thorough research of the relevant keywords that people use to search for what they need or want. You should always select keywords that are "buyer-friendly" and are the phrases that people who are ready to buy actually key into the search engines when they have their credit card in hand. What are these keywords? How about "I want answers to", or "places to buy baby furniture", or "where can I buy leather coats", or "ways to make money online", or "how to lose weight in 30 days".

If you do not do this step properly everything else may not work, so do it right!

There are tools that can offer suggestions on how to identify good keywords, so you can use them to get a heads up on the task.

Once you have selected the keyword to use, put that phrase in the title of your video, the tags as well as the description of your video. Moreover, in the description of your video you must also write a good summary about your video using that keyword, as well as variations of it so that search engines can pick up on both your keyword and the variations of it and increase your chances of getting your video ranked high in the search engines.

Step 2:- Embed Other YouTube Videos Into Your YouTube Video

My experience is that the more often you embed other YouTube videos into your YouTube videos, the higher that Google will "favour" your video and rank it higher. You can use complimentary videos of your own or of others that can be used to support or highlight your video. The more web pages that are embedded to your video the higher your video will rank in Google. And finally, the more relevant that those other videos are the more relevant that yours will become in the eyes of Google and you will be the benefactor of rising rankings in the search engines.

Step 3:- Video Backlinks - Link Other Videos to Your Video

Did you know that you can backlink videos just like you can backlink websites to your video? Most people don't. Link videos to your videos. You can do that easily by just hyperlinking your relevant keywords as a clickable link each time you post a comment to a blog, or whenever you publish a new article that are complimentary to your main vide or site. If you diversify your efforts to include backlinks from every type of site such as web 2.0, other videos, blogs and articles that are complimentary to your niche, press releases, and even guest blogging spots you will help Google to focus in on your video and experience a higher ranking as a result.

Make sure that the subject of your video content is not at odds with any of the sites mentioned above, as you want complimentary, not competing subject matter to link to.

Step 4:- Use Social Media to Draw Attention to Your Video

Social Media Marketing must be a part of your advertising strategy. YouTube SEO is a powerful tool,, that Google loves. And social triggers are a big part of Social Media Marketing. Quite simply stated, the more likes, views and comments that your video receives the higher the chances that it will get even more exposure from both the YouTube search engine as well as the Google search engine. Google owns YouTube, so the one complements the other, and when one favours your video, the other also reinforces that favouritism.

If you comment and like the videos that are complimenting the videos in your niche they will most likely do the same for you and add to your better ranking in the search engines.

Whenever you publish new content to your blog I suggest that you also embed at least one or two relevant videos that are using the same keywords that you are targeting. This will result in added backlinks as well as SEO effectiveness, better than you would experience without this strategy. Keep an eye out for press release distribution services that will allow you to embed your YouTube video in that content. As these press releases are distributed and syndicated across the internet you will experience additional exposure through added embeds and further syndication. This is truly the essence of viral distribution.

Step 5:- Establish Yourself as an Authority or Expert in Your Chosen Sub-Niche

As you become more comfortable and experienced in making videos you should start to appear in your own video as the star of that video. There is no better or quicker way to build both trust and a relationship with your targeted audience or viewers than by being the star of your own production. As you begin to churn out more videos with you as the spokesperson or star of those videos you will begin to separate yourself from the crown and competitors and it starts to brand yourself as an authority. Once you achieve that status with your viewers it will put you in a unique position to then start promoting additional products including affiliate links, and real products that will also increase your exposure, identity and income.

YouTube Rocks!

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    • Karen Hellier profile image

      Karen Hellier 3 years ago from Georgia

      I am toying with the possibility of starting to use YouTube so this is very helpful. Thank you for the info.

    • techygran profile image

      Cynthia 3 years ago from Vancouver Island, Canada

      This is very well-written and I appreciate the information about embedding other videos and back-linking one's video! I wonder if you intended for the whole article to be bold or if that isn't just one of those publishing glitches that so often affects my hubs? Anyhow, I'm sharing this and certainly planning to put it to use myself. Thank you!