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How to use Content Marketing to Explode your Business

Updated on November 8, 2014

If you have ever done any Online marketing at all then you are aware of what Content Marketing is. Traditional Marketing has pretty much gone out the window and has been become a little less effective over time. Smart Online Marketers have turned to what we know as Content Marketing to grow their businesses, increase exposure and grow their brands.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is sharing free valuable content to attract new prospects and turn them into repeat buying clients. With high quality content, you can turn all of those searchers, readers and fans into buyers.The content that you are putting out into the market place really depends on what your area of expertise is. You are educating these prospects with your knowledge and value. With that valuable information come trust and you need to build that trust with transparency. With trust you get new clients willing to purchase from you again and again.

When it is one correctly, Content Marketing can bring you lots of new comments on your articles, new email subscribers, and social media shares building your very own personal online real estate. When you have online real estate it is continuously working for you for years to come. The content that you put out onto the internet can be stumbled upon 24 hours a day 7 days a week, even while your sleeping. However, the content that you are putting out there needs to be interesting and add value to your readers and your online community. You should be continuing to educate your readers in whatever topic they are wanting to learn. Basically, you are their problem solver. Helping people on the internet by answering their questions and giving them solutions that will help them to grow.

Content Marketing is also communicating with possible business prospects without selling to them, spamming their email boxes or splashing your links out there all. You are attracting the prospect directly to you. No more chasing people down to offer them your businesses or opportunities. The strategy........The more value that you continue to offer them on a regular basis the more the business will come to you. Those prospects will respect what you know based off of your content and eventually become loyal paying customers.

Tips for Explosive Content

A powerful Headline is key for grabbing your prospect and getting them to read your entire piece of work.

  • Your Content should contain keywords to rank your spot on Google
  • Its should peak your prospects curiosity
  • It should hook your readers into reading the whole piece
  • It should deliver value and educate your prospect

I am sure that you have heard it before but i will say it again ...Content is king and will continue to be a strong focus for Online marketers going forward. You should build your content with an ongoing plan and a purpose for the direction of your business. Just remember, when you are writing your pieces that they need to be quality over quantity. Make sure that your work is good work instead of worrying how many blogs or articles that you have out there on he internet. One really good article is better than 100 horrible ones. Providing your prospects with value packed content and then engaging them in conversation about their needs will build a strong relationship with you and your brand. In order to grow both your business and your brand it is time to bring Content Marketing into your business strategy.

Happy Writing!


Your Business Problem Solver

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