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How to Create Eagerness in Learning Skills and Developing Such Skills, part 2

Updated on January 22, 2011


   Learning skills involves operation process which usually come in sequential order.  These operational processes may be instructed verbally or may come in the form of instructional module. For one to effectively follow verbal instructions the following tips will be helpful:

Verbal Instructions:

- Set your mind to what is being discussed;

-Make sure you can hear and understand the instructions given by the speaker/instructor. -Listen carefully to important points and always keep them in mind; -Be particular on technical terms used by the speaker/instructor on his instructions; -Always remember the sequential order of the operation process; -Put to actual practice what you have learned; -Ask the instructor to comment on your work (if there are flaws make the necessary adjustments).

Learn How to Follow Written Instructions

Written Instructions:

Written instructions usually come in modules.  Here are some tips on how to follow them effectively:

-Make sure you are aware and you understand the language used in in the module; -

- Clarify with your instructor the technical terms you don’t understand; -Read carefully the instructions paying more attention to important points; -Do not hesitate to ask questions if you are not sure of what to do; -Proceed carefully; -Ask for comments and make whatever necessary corrections to attain perfection.


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