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How to Create Eagerness in Learning Skills and Developing Such Skills, part 3

Updated on May 27, 2011


Proper training enable you to cope with different work situations. It is the training ground that allows one to enjoy various working conditions.

Various trainings give you the best opportunity to simulate actual work situations. The following tips come in handy:

1.Set a good working mood. Starting with a very light heart makes work pleasant and enjoyable; 2.When assigned in a different work environment, remember that this is an opportunity that training gives. You have to be flexible to enjoy work; 3.Study carefully how you can fit into the work environment. (Don’t be ashamed to ask those who are already there, make friends with them); 4.Try to prove to others that you can do the job; 5.Remember that in training, the more practice you get the better prepared for employment you become.

6. Don’t fake you attention

-never fix glassy eyes at the speaker; -- give you full attention to the speaker; -never categorize a subject as dull or interesting.

7. Listen carefully

-Try to understand the attitudes, needs, and motives behind the words used by the speaker; -Remember that the speaker does not always put his entire message into words; -Observe the speaker’s facial expressions, his gestures and the movements of his body as they may increase your total comprehension of the message.


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