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How to Create Eagerness in Learning Skills and Developing Such Skills, part 4

Updated on January 24, 2011


Training and employment require that you cultivate patience and self-discipline in dealing with other people and while working on a certain task. Inculcation of these virtues is , however, easier said than done. Certain guidelines may then be important in the task of building up patience and self-discipline


1.Condition your mind that any difficult understanding needs to be studied thoroughly and therefore may need more time to product results; 2.Learn how to wait. Positive results are commensurate to the amount of effort you put in; 3.Try to soften the pain and troubles you encounter. Great difficulties should teach you to redouble your efforts; 4.If you expect to be attended to at once but others get it instead, consider the situation that others may badly need attention more than you do. Priority has to prevail. 5.When angered by a troublesome situation count ten and if still angry, count as many as you can until your anger subsides. By then you shall have fully controlled your anger and may be capable of deciding wisely;

6. When things go wrong and it doesn’t seem to be your day, don’t despair, Tomorrow is another day


Always have control of one’s thinking; well-thought actions control your other actions.

There can be no success where there is no confidence or assurance that you shall be able to attain it. Whatever you want you can get if you have strong conviction to do what you want to undertake. It is, therefore, very important that you gain self-confidence first or success will never come.

Here are some guideposts to follow so you may

gain self-confidence.

1.Start with a strong and persistent driver to gain self-confidence. 2.Have a strong and firm faith and respect in yourself. 3.Assess your capabilities and limitations; 4.Know thoroughly what you are going to do; 5.Set your mind on what you want to accomplish; 6.Act and work confidently; 7.Practice; 8.Never be discouraged by defeat or failures; 9.Always have a positive conviction that you can do what any other has done.


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