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How to Create Opportunities.

Updated on May 12, 2016

A Quick Look at Opportunity.

In life it usually takes a while to learn one of the fundamental truths that is not taught often – that is that opportunity (especially big opportunity) does not come around often. In fact it is a rare occurrence. We are conditioned to believe that opportunity will happen all of the time and that people will come knocking for us if we are missing out because we are brought up in closed environments where this actually happens – if you miss school a truant officer will come to the door, if you miss a doctors appointment your parents might rearrange for you. As such, we carry this idea that there will always be someone coming around and giving us opportunities to do or redo things when it is simply not the case. Reality is often waiting at the end of the period spent in these closed environments with a baseball bat waiting to beat you up. If you haven’t already noticed it take a look around now.

How many opportunities just appear at your doorstep or fall into your lap? Not many I would wager. How many of these are big opportunities? Probably far fewer still.

More than this, even when opportunity does come, if the person is not prepared for that opportunity then they will miss it and it will drift by them and they will remain in that state where they don’t advance or further themselves. This is unprofitable, it is unwise and it leads to a regretful life in the future.

So let us begin with what can be controlled and what is within the power of the individual. The person has the ability to prepare themselves for opportunity. They might not know what opportunity exactly, but they know there will be times of opportunity. So accepting that as a base primitive invokes within a person the desire to begin preparing for whatever form that opportunity will take. Let us assume there is an opportunity to learn to dance for instance, if the person is not strong of body then dancing will be difficult, so the opportunity will go amiss because the person simply does not have the faculty’s necessary to take it with confidence. It follows that here are certain things that a person can do straight away that will make them more able to seize opportunities when they arise and thus better their own lives. These ways come primarily in the form of organised self betterment for the objective of benefiting oneself and others. Here will be discussed some of the ways that self betterment can be upheld specifically for the sake of being able to seize opportunities.

1.The Ability to Recognise Opportunity

If you cannot recognise opportunity then even when opportunity comes about you will definitely miss out on it. What is interesting about developing this skill is that once you begin to recognise opportunities, you begin to see them everywhere. In magazines, people, businesses, objects, books, paintings – it really is remarkable the scope of opportunities a person stumbles across through the development of this skill.

This leads to many beneficial things in a person’s life. It helps a person financially, it helps a person’s love life, It helps a persons social life. This skill alone is incredibly valuable because without it a person will surely stagnate in one place forever.

2.The Ability to Recognise the Benefits and Costs in Opportunities.

Even if a person recognises the opportunity as existing, if they cannot see the benefits of that opportunity they will not even consider undertaking it, let alone make the effort. Similarly if they cannot see the costs of that opportunity, then they can end up expending a considerable amount of resources – time, energy, money, heart and soul for little to no reward. This requires a person to know what is beneficial to them as a human being and what is rewarding to them as a person.

3.The Ability to Self-Motivate for the Sake of Benefiting Ones' Own Life and the Lives of Others.

This key skill is paramount to all kinds of success. Even if a person sees the opportunity, sees the benefit of it, and the cost of that opportunity is at an excellent rate for the benefit received, if the person is low energy and deflates themselves constantly they will not be able to seize that opportunity and the opportunity will pass them by. A person does not need to wait for an opportunity to practice motivating themselves for something that is beneficial to them, this ensures that they are more susceptible to beneficial opportunity because their perception becomes tuned to these kinds of opportunity. A person can develop energy and zeal long before an opportunity is seen, and the energy and zeal will be come into play when that opportunity comes about.

4. Knowing Exactly What is Desired from that Opportunity and Knowing how to get it.

Though many opportunities come with many benefits that are not expected and also fun times, if you do not know what you are seizing the opportunity for then even if you seize it you will not be getting what you want out of it. Knowing specifically what he opportunity is for, relative to yourself is essential. As well as knowing what prices you need to pay and what efforts you need to make, in order to get what you want out of it so that you are not going in blind.

5.Developing the mind that creates beneficial opportunities easily.

This is perhaps the most important step to creating beneficial opportunities. The mind is everything and that should never be forgotten. One way to do this is simply to develop a strong will to do this. A strong will can be developed through reciting words to the desired effect often. Every morning, wake up and say out loud an intention with the correct emotional conviction the sentence:

‘Seeing the benefit in it, I will develop that mind that creates beneficial opportunity.’’

In this way a person becomes organised towards that objective.

6.Knowing what people do not care about.

This keeps people from embarking on opportunities, they genuinely believe that others have great care about whether or not they embark on them. Some people will but not everyone, and the ones who do care will only care to an extent. The reality is that most people are casually indifferent to your personal struggles and endeavors and will not pay attention until you are yourself successful. It's a truth that is not easy to take (though easy to observe) but recognizing it stops the wasting of time pointlessly waiting for others to tell you to take opportunities.

7. Keeping Good Company.

Keeping yourself surrounded with people of integrity, people with good energy and work ethic, and also people who are interested in their personal success like you are the kinds of people to surround yourself with. Make yourself such that others want to be like you because you are benefiting yourself and others constantly and making yourself universally admired. A group of people that have good qualities will turn you into a better person far quicker and will draw opportunities to you.


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