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How to Target Your Google Adwords Ad

Updated on March 22, 2012

Setting up Google Adwords

How to Set Up an Adwords Ad Using the Starter Edition

Step 1: Go to the Google Adwords homepage. A hyperlink is provided in the resources section of this article. Click the “Start Now” button. An Adwords creation dialog box will appear.

Step 2: Select the Starter Edition and click “Continue”. Do not choose Standard Edition unless you have created an Adwords Ad before.

Step 3: Select if you have a website or not.

Step 4: Enter your location and language you prefer and click “Continue”

Step 5: Type in the URL of your website or blog. Type in an ad headline, up to a maximum of 25 characters. Type in up to two lines of text. Use these lines to identify your website or blog and to tell someone why they should click on the ad. These lines can be up to 35 characters each.

Step 6: Enter up to 20 keywords. These keywords will be used by Google to target web content to place your ads. The keywords can be a single word or multiple words. Separate each word or phase by a comma. For example:

income, making money online, passive income, website income

Step 7: Set your monthly budget. This is the maximum amount you are willing to spend on adwords ads. Click the “Continue” button.

Step 8: Set up a new Google account, that will be used to track your adwords performance. You will receive an email confirmation through this account which includes details on billing. Provide what is needed to Google adwords to activate your account and allow Google to start placing your adwords ads on the web.

Using the Standard Edition Adwords Creator

 There is additional functionality in the Standard Edition of the Adwords creator.  There is no added cost to using the Standard Edition, however, it will take longer to set up your ads.   In the Started Edition control of the position of the ads, what website the ads will be placed on, and ad pricing was limited.  The Standard Edition adds the following functionality:

  • The ability to control which website your Adwords ad will be placed on
  • Set the amount you are willing to pay per day or pay per click when someone clicks on your ads
  • Different pricing options such as ad position bidding, keyword specific bidding, etc.
  • More control on the position of an ad on a website
  • advanced tracking tools

Google Adwords Search-Based Keyword Tool

Use the Google Adwords Search-Based Keyword Tool to Target Your Ads

Use the Google Adwords Search-Based Keyword Toolto target the best keywords for your website. Enter your web site name or a URL that has similar content if you are creating a new web site. Search for keywords to find out what content in the website that Google recommends would match the keyword. This tool will also show you a suggested bid for an adwords ad click. Use this tool to efficiently target your adwords ads.


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