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How to Write a Proper Personal Newsletter for Your Business

Updated on December 10, 2018
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As a German-English screenwriter, filmmaker/director, photographer and illustrator I simply love everything creative and fanciful.

A Good Newsletter is a Great Marketing Tool

A well written Newsletter is entertaining, informative, shows something new and has active parts like links, contests, photos or riddles.
A well written Newsletter is entertaining, informative, shows something new and has active parts like links, contests, photos or riddles.

A Newsletter is an Essential Tool

A well planned marketing strategy is always essential for the ongoing success of all businesses. Although this is well know, still many companies fail to take advantage of one of the most easily accessible marketing tools - the self written newsletter. Online marketing is one of the cheapest and best ways to reach your current and potential customers - constantly, friendly and unobtrusive. This is given by the fact that the readers of your newsletter will give you their email address for free and by their own decision.

You may find it challenging to use newsletters for promoting your business as it is important to find ideas which keep your news fresh and meaningful. Your newsletter content must be relevant, interesting and have a benefit for your current and potential customers likewise. In cases when your newsletter is too obtrusive or has too less content and news to offer your business could struggle seriously. It simply looks nonprofessional.

The question is where to find these ideas that will support your business and lead to a kind of friendship with your customers? Maybe you don´t see it, but your business is the gold mine or oil source for your newsletters. You have all the potential material that you can capitalize into online marketing via newsletters just in front of your eyes. All this material is a treasure that can lead into marketing assets by reaching your customers, increase your income, the awareness of your work and your business and by that win new customers and bring you new orders/bookings or sales.

The trick is to write your newsletter not too often, but regularly. Once a month or once a week is really enough. It does not make any sense to send a daily reminder newsletter. By daily newsletters your customers will sign out of your list and you will probably lose them.

Make Your News Personal in a Professional Way

Make your newsletter valuable to get read.
Make your newsletter valuable to get read. | Source

Tips for Establishing a Newsletter

First of all you should concentrate on your profitable business segments and show your newsletter readers what you stand for and what you are known for. This is important as they see you are a specialist for something and obviously successful in doing this. The objective is to engage your current and potential customers and business partners in the life of your business and give them the benefit of becoming insiders and friends.

Hence, it is essential that your newsletters have appropriate content. By this you will lead your newsletters to a flowing communication and in best cases even get feedback from your readers. Here are some ideas to make your newsletter special:

  • Set your focus on your business successes and expansion. If you are expanding into any new directions it is worth to be mentioned.
  • If you have new staff you should make public the positive news that you create jobs. Mention what they are specialized in and introduce them to your customers as competent and professional contact persons.
  • Share all positive things with your customers and business partners. But of course only after you reached them, never in a process of conquering a new market or developing a new product or idea.
  • Release each launches of new services or products and write about why this development was necessary and what benefit your customers will get by this now.
  • You should also get your company involved in charity projects. This is a great hook for good news. Good news always are great PR. Let the readers of your newsletter know how engaged you are and how much you care for what is going on in the world.
  • Most important, however, is that your involvement is serious and no exploitation. Each fake will be discovered soon by your customers.
  • Another tool to support all your efforts is to sponsor any event - no matter how small this will be - you and your business/company will be seen in a positive light. Maybe you could even help someone out of a distress. This can be that you finance a child in the third world or help homeless animals or any bigger projects. People simply love to read about real success stories and in connection with your or your company´s name it will give them a good feeling to be your customers or clients and business partners.

You see such a newsletter must not be like a spam email as many newsletters are. There also is not need to ask your customers again and again to buy something or to send them special offers that get cheaper and cheaper the longer they don´t react.

Your newsletter will be a real professional marketing and PR tool as long as you keep them personal and give your customers and business partners the feeling they made the right choice by working with you or being your customer. Act like a friend, but stay professional and you and your business/company will become a part of people´s life - and this is the most important and most beautiful thing you can reach.

© 2014 Elisabeth Meier


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