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How to Create a Work Plan

Updated on April 11, 2014

Work plan is important to manage our work whether we worked as employee for the company or have a small business we are running. Work plan to help us to arrange works better and more efficient in doing the work. Some people, maybe think that the work plan is not necessary in helping for doing the job, but in fact it is very useful to help us to complete our work. Work plan not only useful in order to make our work more organized but it also can be implemented in our daily life.

Work plan helping us to improve our skills in accomplishing our work. Work plan also helping us to reduce stress because what we will do, we already planned it in advance. It's always better if we are always having preparation, organize and plan our things than if we had rushed into anything. If you are not familiar to make a work plan, try the simple steps below to learn about how to create a work plan. I hope this guide will help you to start creating a work plan to help you managing your work.

Create a work plan
Create a work plan | Source

Step 1: Refresh your mind

Before create and manage a work plan, it is better if we try to calm our self first, especially if we never make a work plan. We can imagine or think about the first things that should be done and what is needed to put in the work plan.

Step 2: Make a list

Try writing it down in a paper or any media that you feel comfort to arrange your task so you can manage it and organize it after that. But first, write things or any plans that first came up in your mind. Think of things like plans for a week, work to be completed through the week or the following weeks. After that, try to arrange by checking your plan, put the most priority task in the first place and so on, don’t forget beside putting your priority in the first place also specify and plan the right time to do your tasks.

Step 3: Set a goal

After making a list about any plans or tasks to do, we can set a goal of write down the key points in a task as a reminder or setting the time that needed to complete our work. By organizing our tasks into a work plan, we can determine and prioritize the tasks that should be done first.

Step 4: Arrange your tasks

Try arranging your tasks from the first priority tasks, set the time and date for each of your tasks. Arrange your tasks in a proper order; you can use numbers or letters to help organize your task to get the proper order. After that you can continue to the next step which is putting your organize tasks into a schedule sheet.

Step 5: Make a Schedule

After arranging your tasks you can put it into a schedule sheet. Arrange your work schedule in a week or a month, according your work time. Put your task according days and dates. Highlight the important points for any tasks if necessary, then don't forget to set your work timings.


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