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How to Create an Authority Site And Maximize Your Profits

Updated on May 14, 2012

You may ask what exactly an authority site is. How does one go about creating one? What steps does one follow and what exactly are the criteria one needs to implement? What role can authority site center play in building your authority sites? We'll try and deal with these questions in this article.

Web 2.0 is no longer a catchphrase meant for techies. It is part of our everyday existence now. As this has been taking place the types of sites that webmasters need to publish are gaining importance. What is happening is that mini-sites as well as cookie-cutter sites are slowly being phased out. Those using the web are becoming more focused on value. Web companies are now slowly growing in size as well. Smaller sites are on their way out. The next few years will see a lot of these smaller sites being bought up by bigger organizations that will look to purchase profitable ventures in their markets or drive out the competition. This is what large businesses have always done - the adoption of one of the two methods is inevitable.

Rather than feel intimidated by the scenario you should begin to prepare yourself as well as your business for the future. If you are an online dealer or a webmaster then you need to make sure you're in a position to deal with either of the two situations. Your business should either be prepared for a buyout by a large business or you yourself should be in a position to buy out others and dominate the market.

No matter what route you need to take and finally choose, there is something you need to take a look at - authority sites. You should start focusing on these from now and start building them. You could also convert your existing sites into authority sites. What ever process works for you, you'll find that by doing this you'll be in a good and profitable position in the long run.

Try and remember this simple formula:

Formula for Authority Site = VO (Visitor Optimization) + CO (Content Optimization) * CM (Creative Marketing.)

What exactly is an authority site supposed to provide? An authority site is meant to provide for an enhanced experience for the user and contain an immense amount of information. As you can see in the formula you need to ensure visitor optimization and content optimization hand in hand. You needn't focus so much on search engine optimization for an authority site. Remember, the search engines would like you to be successful and making money but you have to work according to their rules. Let us go more into detail as to what exactly constitutes an authority site.

Let us take the example of, the original authority site. It consists of a broad domain that is the main site and a number of topical sub-domains. You should try to emulate this approach though it need not be at such a broad and general level. You need to focus on a particular market and therefore your authority site should be geared to deal with the particular nuances of that market. Of course it should be a large market and once you've begun to generate traffic you'll have to create sub-domains within the spectrum of the larger market to deal with various topics and issues.

So now that you have an idea about what you need to be doing, here's a look at how you should go about doing it. Here is a basic guide to the process you should undertake to have a successful authority site:

  1. Know the product: You should do whatever product research you need to so that you know everything about it. When you are ready to create an authority site you should have all the information about the product you are launching or the service you are providing. This is crucial as it will shape the content on your site. You could also arrange the information you have assimilated in an order of importance. Knowing your product thoroughly is important for the entire process.
  2. Know the Market: Once you know your product you should scrutinize the market. You'll find that the bigger businesses take this very seriously and even hire market researchers to do the job. This has to be a systematic process and it deals with a huge amount of statistical data and general information. It will provide you with an insight into the current situation of the market, your business rivals as well as the quantity and nature of demand. This knowledge should help you form or modify the content of your site to meet the needs of the market. Being aware of this kind of information will help you get an upper-hand on your competitors and provide you with important links for your site.
  3. Understand the Audience: There are two parts to this - market segmentation, which is product related and identification of your target audience. You should design your site according the needs of your customers.
  4. Planning, Developing and Design: Planning is very important. The future of the site and your business will depend on this. You should keep in mind keyword saturation, keyword fundamentals and a link strategy. Include web hosting, emails, traffic statistics, file manager, log files, etc. Try and accumulate links by having link-baits. You should also include space for blogs - this is good way to generate content. Design the site in such a way that people are tempted to come back. Use website ranking optimizers like PheedPress or ContentPress. Submit a handout to search engines and have press releases with submissions to the DMOZ.
  5. Plan your Strategy: You will need to do this and keep working on your site. Go through various reports to keep a tab on your site and make sure you have a hands-on approach to upgrading and troubleshooting as well as other services.

You could become a member of a high calibre center for authority sites. I am sure you would have heard of authority site center. It is a web hosting company and more. They are a group of 5 qualified, experienced and motivated individuals who know exactly what to do in this field. All you need is to just give them a domain name and your specifications and they will work on an authority site for you. You just need to fill in the content.

Review of Authority Site Center is a must read for you if you are really serious about building highly successful and profitable authority sites.


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    • seolinkmonster profile image

      seolinkmonster 6 years ago

      Authority sites are the best way anybody to could survive all the updates of the search engines being done today. Also we can see a consistent flow of revenue.

    • profile image

      Jade Hsu 10 years ago

      No Thanks Raj!

    • profile image

      V.K. Rajagopalan 10 years ago

      Hi,Adsense sites culture is dead!

      It is now the time for creating authority sites. Of course, authority sites have always succeeded but earlier it was considered that an authority site could be built only by big corporates.

      It is not so anymore. With dedicated web hosting companies like Authority Site Center, who specialize in building Web 2.0 complaint authority sites, it is now possible for anyone to build an authority site.

      You just need to display some dedication, a penchant for hard work and a will to satisfy the visitors rather than search engines.