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How to Create and Embed Live Chat into Your Website

Updated on July 22, 2013

Sample Chat Widget

Live Chat Support

Offering live chat support on your company's website helps increase overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. If you're looking for a low-to-no cost solution for customer service, you may consider embedding a chat widget on your website. While you and your company may not have the resources to custom-code a live chat tool, there are many chat service providers available on the Web. After you've signed up with a chat service, you can easily generate the HTML code for a chat widget and embed it into your website.

After conducting research and examining features, I eventually settled on three live chat support services (see links in Resources). Overall, I found each of these services to be highly effective for different reasons.

Create Account

  1. Navigate to a chat service provider's website, such as ClickDesk, UserEcho and Zopim (see Resources section).

  2. Click the option to sign up for an account. This process will vary depending on the provider's website you use. Follow the instructions to create an account. If necessary, open your email and then click on the account activation link to complete your registration.

  3. Select one of the pricing plans for your account. Each of the chat services listed in the Resources section offer free subscription packages.

Copy HTML Code

Generate Chat Widget

  1. Sign in to your chat service's website.

  2. Select the option to generate the HTML code for your chat widget. This selection will vary with different chat service providers. For example, click "Embed Widget," "Create Chat" or "Generate HTML."

  3. Enter any additional information required for the chat widget. For example, enter a username such as "YourCompanyLiveChat", replacing YourCompany with your company's name. Complete the steps to generate the HTML code.

  4. Click into the HTML code box, select all of the code, right-click and then click "Copy" to copy the HTML source code for your chat widget.

Paste HTML Code

Editing HTML page in Notepad.
Editing HTML page in Notepad. | Source

Embed Chat Widget

  1. Open the page you want to embed the chat using your editing software. For example, open the "Live Support" webpage using the "Notepad" application in Windows.

  2. Paste your code into the area that you want your chat widget to appear. For example, right-click just after "<body>" and then click "Paste."

  3. Save your changes and upload the new page to your website. For example, click "File," click "Save" and then manually upload the document to your website's server.

Sample Chat Statistics


Most chat service providers' websites offer chat statistics and reporting. Visit their website to view information on recent chat transactions.


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