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How to Deal With Angry and Difficult Customers

Updated on January 23, 2013
How to deal with angry customers
How to deal with angry customers | Source

In every business entity, customer complaints are often part of the cycle. The thing is, how will you deal with angry and difficult customers and how are you going to make them calm or satisfied again. If this incident happens to you, do not worry. Below are some tips which can be helpful in handling complaints.

Tips on Dealing with Angry Customers

1. Always listen to the customer's complaint, even if he/she is so angry that his/her voice was so loud enough to be heard by everybody. Customers always want to be understood and be heard. So as a customer service representative, you should seek first to understand, then to be understood.

2. After they talk, that's the time you can tell them in a nice manner to calm down and thank them for voicing out their concern. In this way they will be able to know that you're affirming what they said.

3. As much as possible, show them kindness and keep calm while repeating the customer's concern. Be sure to itemize all of these, verify if your understanding on every item is correct, and if you were able to cover everything.

4. Though it is not your fault, still ask for an apology. It is one way of showing that you empathize with them.

5. Be patient. Respond in a nicest way possible. Yes, nobody want to hear complaints from angry customers but this is a good start to help improve one's business.

6. Relieve their frustrations by reassuring that you’re committed to serving them. At this time, the client will probably start to calm down.

7. Get their commitment as well and tell them that you'll be addressing these concerns together.

8. Try to fix the problem if you can without delay. It may take a little while to solve, so be sure to give them an idea of what your action plans are and provide timelines. If you can't solve it, be honest. They'll appreciate it than to keep them expecting for nothing. However, provide alternatives if possible.

9. There's also an old approach of giving the customers some relief by offering them like discount coupons in the future. In this way, he/ she will feel important and may come back the next time. For some, it would be more appropriate that their opinion is heard and experience the improvements they suggested on their future endeavor with your customer service.

10. Keep records of customer complaints in a logbook or database. This will help the company you're at to analyze their weakness and take actions for improvements.The chances would be they'll become more loyal to your business.

These simple techniques on dealing with angry customers will help resolve most issues regarding certain matters. By applying these will surely make the customers come back to your company as you know how to handle complaints.


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