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How to Deal With Getting Fired from a Job

Updated on May 22, 2013

Getting Fired...UGH

Almost nobody wants to get fired, although I will admit that I have had a few jobs in my lifetime that I genuinely hated and did want to get fired from because I, personally, liked the OWNERS, yet hated my job itself. But in this article, we're going to discuss dealing with termination from a job you DID like and the emotional process as well as recovery.

Getting Fired SUCKS

Getting fired is neverpleasant. I once was fired from a restaurant over a piece of pie - yeah, seriously. It was not only unexpected but equally embarrassing. I believe I was fired (a few jobs later) over an outright misunderstanding over a customers bill (I guess he was supposed to get a discount which nobody made me aware of, and apparently this was a "very important customer"; which I equally was never made aware of). Regardless, IT SUCKS. Getting fired is really awful, even if you are at fault. But the reality is, you are now terminated and you have to deal with everything to come. Learning how to deal with what is to come is the most important.

Having to "Leave" the Establishment

When I was fired over the piece of pie mentioned above, it was obnoxious. I was literally escorted out of the business due to me simply trying to save the customer money by explaining that the establishment I worked at did not sell "whole pies" - we only sold pies "by the slice"; and this elderly lady would have had to spend over $40 to purchase a whole coconut pie from the establishment I worked at, when I knew that she could purchase the same pie next door for only $12. At the time, I felt like a con-artist selling her a $40 pie when I knew the same pie was available for far less. Looking back (15 years later), yeah, I guess I should have sold her the $40 pie-by-the-slice, but I still think it would have weighed on my morals.

Anyways, I was soooooooo terminated for my recommendation that she go next door and purchase the whole pie for only $12. - I mean, can it be much worse than being escorted out the door over a PIE?

Regardless, I was really hurt. I have never "scammed" anyone and I had no ill-intent of telling the elderly woman about the other pie. I was just trying to be a good person. Like I said, I GET IT NOW - it was wrong of me to refer her to another business. I shouldn't have....but at the time I was like 18 years old and just trying to give great customer service.

What was really lousy was that I was led out the door in front of my coworkers...who were equally shocked...and then left without out a job....over PIE.

Dealing With Frustration

Of course I was mad and hurt. In many ways I wanted my job back. I felt I deserved my job back - I had been a loyal employee and this was my first and only "mistake" I guess. But I decided I would keep my head up and move on. After all, if they're going to fire someone who is always early-to-arrive-at-work, picks up shifts, works late when needed and has a great track-record, then why do I need to work there? There's plenty of other employers out there who will RESPECT my hard work and dedication....despite a "pie mishap".

Emergency #1: MONEY

Some people who get fired *may* have enough money in savings to be able to live for a short time while new employment, but there is always that horror of "what if I run out". Its important that you act as quickly as possible to cut expenses.


1. Car Insurance - Yeah, I know, its awful having to call and get quotes, but I was able to save $100 per term by switching to Progressive. In addition I asked to participate in the "Progressive Snapshot"; this is a device that you plug into your car (its really small and super easy to plug in). It monitors your driving habits. If you don't speed, don't "break hard" and don't drive during late hours often (I think the hours were something like midnight through 4am) then Progressive will give you a LIFE LONG additional discount (as long as you do not cancel your policy). I got an EXTRA $79 per term off.

Make sure when you're calling to get quotes that you specify any features your vehicle has, for example, an alarm system, DNA Trace, OnStar, etc. These little things can knock off quite a few bucks from your bill.

2. Home Insurance - This is a huge one; a simple change in my insurance provider got me $125 A MONTH off! (I use NationWide now). Just like with Car Insurance, make sure you specify anything that you have done to make your home "extra safe".

3. Gym Membership - First check to see what your cancellation cost is; a $30 cancellation fee may be well worth it to save $30+ a month until you are secure at your new job.

4. Cable TV and/or Home Phone - again, you may have to pay a cancellation fee, but it may be worth the savings. *** If you have been with your cable / phone provider for an extended period of time, you may even be able to simply call them and "threaten" to cancel, you will likely be offered a lower price if you opt to not cancel.

5. Sell Some Assets (or even "junk") - Depending on the time of the year, it may be the perfect time to have a garage sale or list items on online on CraigsList or eBay.

6. In your free time, use legitimate sites like Survey Savvy to make a few extra bucks (see photo below)

My last check
My last check

My last check was for $62. Although this isn't a ton of cash, its enough for a bit of gasoline or some groceries.

7. Grocery Shopping and Cooking in "Bulk". I have found that it is so much cheaper to purchase a nice spiral ham and pre-bag it for lunches than it is to purchase lunchmeat. I typically make two "roasts" of some kind per week (chicken, turkey, corned beef, pot roast, etc). These roasts will last my family of three the entire week. Ramen noodles, canned corn (or whatever veggie is on sale) and a loaf of bread gives you a pretty good meal. You may be forced to go without daily fruit to cut back expenses (depending on the time of year and where you live). Another great thing to do is shop at "clearance-type" grocery stores, such as Aldi. If you purchase a large quantity of ground beef, you can make several nights worth of tacos, Sloppy Joes and Mini Burgers (sliders).

8. This may sound like one of the craziest ways to "save" money, but switch all of your lights to energy efficient right away. I was able to cut my electric bill substantially.

9. Look around your home and see whatelse can be done for free. Fix any tiny leaks to save on the water bill, make sure lights are turned off. Turn your thermostat down a few degrees.

EMERGENCY #2 - Getting Employed Right Away

Be sure to read my article about Job Interview Tips, as written by an employer.

If money is critical, make a solid, generic resume and apply everywhere from fast food restaurants to factories. Remember, you can always quit as soon as you find something better.

You can also go to Temp Agencies.

Look on Craigslist under Help Wanted as well as Gigs. Gigs consists of everything from cash for painting a bedroom to babysitting. is another great place to find employment.

EMERGENCY #3: Housing Expenses

Get a Roommate. There are many people who are looking to rent a room very short term. This can be an excellent way to help cover bills month-to-month.

EMERGENCY #4 - Urgent Necessities

Don't hesitate to use "the Barter System" to get "free" necessities. For example, maybe you can design websites but you desperately need your vehicle repaired; why not find a local business that doesn't have a website and offer to make them one for free in exchange for car repairs?

I barter everything I can; it just makes sense. I have traded my SEO expertise for $2,000 Retail Value rims for my truck. I've made business cards in exchange for free dinners and drinks. I've bartered my modeling skills for free clothing. Why not? If you have one skill and someone needs your skill, they have a skill to "trade" with you.

Bartering is the Key to Success!



As humbling as it can feel to have to admit to friends or family that you have lost your job, you may be surprised at who-knows-who-that-knows-someone that is looking for an employee to start right away!

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Have You Ever Suffered a Devistating Job Loss

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    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 

      5 years ago

      Very moving, it sucks when you lose your job; life still goes on and it can be difficult to cope.

    • susi10 profile image

      Susan W 

      5 years ago from The British Isles, Europe

      Great hub. Very informative and well written. Well done! I am going to share this.


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