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How to Deal with Negative Coworkers

Updated on April 11, 2016

At work, there are always coworkers that are constantly negative. They complain about how much they hate their job, fellow employees and bosses. They exude negativity. We are not talking about generally positive people who have negative thoughts at times or ones who are legitimately complaining about something. If you spend too much time with them, it will affect you demeanor as well.

How do you deal with negative coworkers. Here are a couple of suggestions to help you cope.

1) Deal with generally negative people by spending as little time as possible with them.

2) Remember that the cause of their long term negativity is not your concern. Positive people do not allow the negativity of others to affect their attitude.

3) If you are forced , through your role in the company, to deal with them, do not allow yourself to be drawn into negative discussion.

4) Avoid providing a sympathetic audience for the negativity.

5) Suggest that the negative person seek assistance from Human Resources or the supervisor.

6) If all else fails, talk to you supervisor or HR about the challenges you may have to deal with when working with negativity.

7)If negativity among employees at your company is persistent, the issues that causes the negativity are left unaddressed or if the negativity affects your ability to complete your work, you may have to consider moving on. Sometimes, it is the work culture that is creating the negativity among employees.

At either rate, the goal is not to let the work culture or negative employees affect your positive disposition.


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