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How to Deal with a Very Bad Boss

Updated on August 15, 2017
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Stevie G. is a Life Coach, Educator and Researcher. He is the founder of Infinite Visionary Training Center in Minnesota.

A bad boss is someone who continually pushes you to the edge of your composure. His purpose is to make it clear to you that he is running the show. However, you aim is to remain calm, cool and collected because you don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your job.

Your boss watches you like a hawk. Other co-workers can get away with things that would land you in hot water every time. For example, you must be at your station without being a second late while your co-workers are often 5 minutes late. You must not engage in any communication outside the subject of your job, while coworkers spend hours taking about what they did on the weekend. You must not have any food or drink on your desk while your co-workers get away with it all the time.

Your bad boss is not a dummy. He knows what is going on throughout the area, but his attention is all ways on what you are doing or not doing. He specifically examines your work and complains about errors which others make all the time.

Assessing Your Relationship with the Boss

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You are fed up!

Therefore, your enthusiasm and productivity are lower than it has ever been. Half of the work you used to do is not getting finished at all. Other co-workers must help you get caught up before going home. The boss is watching.

What Should You do?

Obviously, you must address the situation before it explodes beyond repair. You must be assertive and refuse to shrink into submission. Your confidence and self-esteem depend on your standing up for yourself.

So, you must act.

First, you must establish a connection. Email your boss and request a meeting. If you cannot do this confront him head on. Visit his office and asked if he has time to talk. If not, schedule a time that is convenient for you. The time shouldn’t interfere with the vital responsibilities of your job.

Avoid telling your co-workers anything. Sharing contentious situations can get out of hand as word spread throughout the building.

The Reasonable Confrontation

Once you and your boss are alone. Present the problem and express your concern about the entire situation. Mention the obvious preferential treatment given to your co-workers. Don’t hold back how it has impacted your focus and productivity on the job.

Many times, a bad boss will change if confronted by an assertive employee. Perhaps a bad boss may fear a possible lawsuit claiming harassment might be filed if he doesn’t get his act together. I have seen this many time when the workplace experiences a sudden change due to the adjustment in the boss’s attitude.

Nevertheless, listen to what the boss needs to say after you have expressed your concern about his treatment of you. You’ll never know what you might hear. Some bosses will claim that they didn’t know that they were acting irrationally. Others will tell you straight out that they didn’t do anything wrong outside of the rules and regulations of the company’s policy.

The Outcome Determines the Next Step

The response you are looking for must include an expression of understanding and consideration of your feelings. If you cannot get this and your boss tells you that the meeting is over. You just might have to file a complaint with upper management, surpassing your boss’s authority.

Watch out for this approach! A bad boss can make your life more miserable if he discovers that you have bypassed his authority.

The wise thing to do is to record everything he does so that you will have evidence the harassment continued or got even worse after the meeting.

Hopefully, the situation can be resolved by upper management. If not, you might have to quit the job and file a harassment complaint. Consult a good lawyer for instructions on filing a complaint against a company. Sometimes you need to bring the situation to light so that others want to have to experience your situation.

The Bottom Line

Working under a bad boss can make it hard to get up and go to work in the morning. You stay in bed until the last hour and always want to call in sick. Nevertheless, you go because the bills need to be paid and the children need food.

However, this is no way to live. Don’t allow yourself to submit to a bad boss. Always act against him. A job should be enjoyable, without oppression and fear.


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