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How to Design Cosmetic Labeling for Summer?

Updated on January 31, 2015

They use products that enhance appearance and keep skin healthy. Whether shoppers are heading for the beach, or are simply doing their normal, everyday jobs, they want to ensure that their skin is getting proper care, as their sun exposure increases. If you are in a cosmetic business, offering summer cosmetic products, your sales are likely to shoot up during the warmer months.

However, considering the high competition you will face, you will be able to attract consumers only if your cosmetic products have unique and attractive labels going with the summer season. Your appealing cosmetic labeling can also give a summer makeover to your brand. But, how will you design labels that reflect the essence of summer, and prepare shoppers to indulge in outdoor activities? Well, here are some tips to help you design great labels for your summer cosmetic items:

1. Feature Summer Colors on the Label

Online retailer, Amazon, has revealed its most-selling summer beauty items to Racked. As per the shopping and retail news source, the makeup items that sell most are the ones, which complement the summer glow, and give a vibrant tone to the nails, eyelids and cheeks of consumers. Let your cosmetic items get noticed by shoppers, both online and in stores, by featuring bold summer colors in their labels, which shoppers will love.

It's a good idea to add outdoor imagery on the packaging of your cosmetic items. This will remind consumers that they will need these body products in the warmer months. Although the weather in summer is much more pleasant compared to winter cold, heat and sun can still affect the skin. Increased sun exposure risk requires people to think about UV protection. Not only sunscreen products, cosmetics and lotions also offer UV protection nowadays. Because of the increased awareness about sun damage, brands can show the sun in their labels.

This strategy will make buyers excited to go outdoors, and also remind them that they should protect their skin from sunburn. It's also a good idea to include a short message about UV protection importance on the packaging. In summer, customers are likely to seek cosmetic items that already have UV protection, so that there is no need to worry about items like sunscreen additionally.

2. Mention the Right Information on Labels

Before designing cosmetic labels, find out the rules and regulations imposed on labeling of cosmetic items. You need to mention all the ingredients contained in your product. Check out the way in which the ingredient list should be shown on the label, and follow it properly. Mention other things also rightly, like date of manufacture, date of packaging, date of expiry, best before/use by etc. that require to be featured.

With the digital printing of cosmetic labels, you can easily fit product information in the packaging. The superior printing technique can put small, but legible print, and easily recognizable images on your labels. This is especially necessary for items that offer protection from UV rays. More and more people are nowadays aware of the damage to skin sun can cause. As shoppers buy skin care products for summer, you can reassure shoppers that your cosmetic items will keep them healthy and safe, by featuring appropriate information on the packaging.

3. Make Sure Your Labels are Appealing for Different Customer Groups

Cosmetics are considered to be used only by women. However, nowadays, even men are showing interest in these products, perhaps because of their usefulness. So, you need to design labels for cosmetic products , which are appealing for both men and women. To make your brand resonate with female as well as male customers, consider testing out various product labels.

4. Make Sure Your Labels can Withstand Outdoor Activities

Your cosmetic labels should be durable enough to withstand outdoor activities. In summer, people venture outdoors and carry along their skincare products. When people go to beach or on a hike, the items they usually carry are sunblock, cosmetics and tanning lotion. As these items are handled quite frequently, you need to consider not only the imagery, but also the durability of the labeling and packaging material. You can boost up customer trust by using oil and water-proof labeling materials. One can get annoyed when a lotion's label comes off on being exposed to water. Cosmetic items are often subjected to moisture. So, you need to use packaging and labeling materials that can withstand such conditions.

With these tips, design labels that represent your summer cosmetic items in the best way. When your labels have aesthetic appeal as well as durability, customers would certainly get interested in your products.

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