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How to Do Lots of Work Effortlessly

Updated on December 3, 2010

Lots of Work Load? "Dont Panic"

Most of us in this busy world face this problem, of being stressed out in lots of work pressure. Don't make you life a series of to-do lists, while trying to be more productive. When lots of work is there to do, don't get much anxious, don't panic, be cool, don't look at all of your tasks at once, priorities your tasks, then start doing. Its seems very easy to say, but not seems easy when I used to face these problems. Still now I have workload, as I have been writing this article for one week, part by part, because I couldn't get time to sit and complete it in one session, LOL.

We have to follow some way to do things faster, better, cheaper, spend our time more effectively and in most sophisticated way. But never concentrate to do more tasks in less time, instead we should focus on enjoying the work we are doing. Here are some tips you would like to follow:

Tips to Do Work Effortless, To be More Productive

Planning: Planing is the most important factor while you are about to complete lots of work in less time. Most of the time, most of us are out of suitable plan. As a result we face lots of problems within the work time. We can't find the perfect way to complete a task, we are unable to find how to start, what exactly I have to do and when, and how, and so on. Many people use to make a routine of planning for weeks and days. But in some situation, or in different kind of task, as my experience, that doesn't work. In my opinion make you days routine in that very day, not before 1 week or so. Never rely on any static routine, that you made and will go for 1 month or 1 year. Make routine dynamically as the requirement of tasks. Write down

Take Breaks: Taking breaks increase productivity, it's a universal truth, it’s been proven in studies. Listen music, take a nap, go for a long drive or walk, spend times with your friends, go for a restaurant, pub, etc. Spend time doing your favourite task, say your hobby.

Power Question. Write a question in a paper and keep it at your desk to help you stay focused: You can write something like “Am I making utilizing my time right now?” or “Is this the most productive use of my time?” or “Am I going to the right path to finish my job in right time?” etc.

Have Fun, Be Cool, Keep Smile in Face and Keep a Positive Outlook: You are in a serious business that is competitive & you need to show creativity in regular basis doesn't mean that you have to be serious all the time. Smiling or having fun in between work doesn't mean you’re not working hard. Enthusiasm doesn't mean you’re not competitive. Being positive doesn't mean you don't know about challenges. Choose to enjoy your time at work. Find others who are like this and spread good cheer. It’s contagious and it grows. Try to avoid gossip and negative chat. It can be tempting, but it doesn’t serve anyone well, including yourself.

Learn from Criticism. Don’t turn down critiques from others immediately, even if they are in the list of your unwanted persons. Most of the time people you don’t like, or people who don't like you may be giving you more honest feedback than you can get from others. Don’t take it personally. Even if it is personal, who cares? Listen, process, and then decide what positive action you might want to take.

Just Go Ahead, Don't Hesitate or Think to Much: Thinking itself takes a lot of effort which you should save for doing the job. So do, don't think. If you make errors, make correction after-while, as far as the wrong turn doesn't turn to a dead end. When you have to think a lot and cant find the right way to start a task, then just go for it, start it first, you will find the way in slowly. Try to think while you work. Take the first step with bravery.

And at last

Try to avoid the tasks that you don't want to do:


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    • profile image

      Sophia Angelique 7 years ago

      I like!

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 7 years ago

      Very useful advice.

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      Up and useful. These are very good tips.