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How to Do long tail keyword SEO for Niche Marketing

Updated on May 14, 2014

What is Niche Website

Niche website, can be called as specific niche. You have started a website and you are writing a post on specific category that is niche blogging. You can stick with that niche and write about specific category posts on your blog to get targeted audience.

Let me explain through an example, you are blogging about SEO and WordPress tutorials. That would be great for you. You should write in brief about SEO and WordPress for each posts. You can write various Search Engine Optimization tips and WordPress plugin review, WordPress theme review and how to tutorials on WordPress. You should not publish anything else like gaming or entertainment or art related things on it.

When you write that category post only, you would be able to see your all audience and blog readers are growing and increasing. This is what we exactly want from niche blogging. You can grow your blog readers from niche blogging using social media like Facebook fan page, Google+ Page, twitter etc.

Once your blog is read by everyone interested in your niche, you would see improvement in your blog authority.

How to Increase Your Sales Through Long Tail SEO

How to Increase Your Sales Through Long Tail SEO
How to Increase Your Sales Through Long Tail SEO | Source

Do You Use Any Keyword Tools to Find Long Tail Keywords?

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Once, you see you thousands of peoples are liking, sharing and commenting on your blogposts it means all of them are interested. First you need to grow audience by providing free resource to them. When your blog readers are increased and increasing. you can make money online from your blog in so many ways.

Here we would going to discuss on How to use Long Tail Keywords to improve Traffic and increase conversation and selling from our blog.

Recommended Keyword Research for Marketing Guide

How To Find Long Tail Keyword For Niche Blogging

There are so many free and paid tools available for searching for long tail keyword. You can use Google AdWords Keyword Tool that would help you to find right keyword for your topics. you would also be suggested for the keyword with high,medium and low competition and highly searched keyword.

You can choose low competitive keywords with high search monthly and globally to make your blogpost viral on all search engines. There is main drawback of using Google Adwords Keyword tool is that, it would show you wide variety of keyword and not according to your niche blog.

I would suggest you to use Hittail Keyword Research Tool, it is really effective. It's free to trial and if you like it, you can use it forever. You just have to add analytics code provided by Hittail on your blog and it would analysis your blog's incoming traffic from keyword.Here is the tutorial on how to use hittail to get ranked fast.

it would automatically find out keywords that are used by users to come to your blog and suggest you long tail keyword based on that you can make ranking for. You can create a post on that long tail keyword or use it within your post to rank better in Search Engine Result page.

Long Tail Keywords vs. Popular Keywords – Which Keyword Strategy You Should Choose

Long Tail Keywords vs. Popular Keywords – Which Keyword Strategy You Should Choose
Long Tail Keywords vs. Popular Keywords – Which Keyword Strategy You Should Choose | Source
Advantages of Using Longtail keywords
Advantages of Using Longtail keywords

How to Do Long Tail Keyword Research

If you wan to research for long tail keyword as per your niche, you should use some guessing as suggested by Neil patel.

What keywords do your potential customers search for when they are interested in buying your product? Well, the obvious ones are:

  • [Product] alternatives
  • [Product] reviews
  • [Product] competitors
  • [Product] discounts

One way you can figure out what people are searching for is to look at Google Suggest data. All you have to do is to start typing your company name into the Google search box. You should get a set of results that look similar to this.

For Example, you are looking to invest in Long Tail Keyword Research Tool for long term profit. You would probably search for Long Tail Keyword Research Tool Reviews or Long Tail Keyword Research Tool alternatives etc.

If you want to buy something online, you would search for it's review, alternatives and if you like anything from there, you would search for that product discount code.

Likewise you can guess for what people can search and write about it.Or use those keyword in your blog article for better ranking.


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