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How to Earn Money If You Are Broke

Updated on February 20, 2016

Financial problems put a big strain on individuals and families. Maybe this is your situation as well. Maybe you are even very broke indeed right now. That is a very stressful frame of mind that it is not good to stay in for any length of time. You can learn some techniques to earn money with.

Sell Your Clothes.

Do you absolutely need money right now? Sell some of your clothes then. Yes, it does seem drastic and rather desperate, but desperate time call for such measures. One website you can sell your clothes on is called ThredUp. To sell on ThredUp you order a pre-paid postage bag and send your clothes to them. Another option for doing this is a website called The RealReal, which is very similar in how it works. Finally, do not forget good old eBay.

Review Music to Earn Money.

There are independent musicians out there who are trying to make it in the music world. It is a very hard field to break into and they need your help. At a website called Slice the Pie, you can earn money by giving them honest feedback about their music. Many people think the website is non stressful and fun to participate in.

Become a Skillshare Instructor to Earn Money.

Although you feel broke and your self esteem has "taken a hit," the truth is that you are skilled in some area. Every single person has something to contribute. Perhaps you could turn your skill into money by becoming a Skillshare instructor. What is Skillshare? It is a platform where you can create a class of your own, based upon your personal knowledge. Then, you build up a following and earn some money from the course sales. Other websites like Skillshare include Udemy.

Rent Out Your Car.

If all else fails you could always rent out your car. Many people are quite frightened to do something like this, and one can understand why. Some websites to do this at include Turo, Drive My Car and Just Rent it. However, it is a viable income source for the desperate and enterprising, and it has worked for others.

There are many possible ways to earn money when you are coming up short. If you are really in dire straits you could rent out your car or sell your clothes. It is even possible to review music for money. Any way you look at it, opportunities are all around you. All you need to do is grab one of them, and then keep grabbing more and more.


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