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How to Engage Customers in a Beauty Salon

Updated on June 19, 2013

The secret sauce for the success of any business is its customers. The more you have them the better but its best when they buy from you (or visit you) often!

Most beauty salons face a common problem of not getting enough repeat customers. More often than not, they think the problem lies with the customers, but it is the salon experience that prevents customers from re-visiting your salon.

To get more customers and have them come back often is not rocket science. As a salon owner, all you have to do is just follow a few simple steps to make your customer's experience more pleasurable when they are sitting in your chair.

1. Greet them well

Train your receptionist to greet customers with a warm smile. Customers like to spend more time where people are polite, professional and cordial.

2. Offer better consultation

There are very few customers who know the exact thing they want from you, whether it is a color job or haircut or perm or manicure. Most others are confused between these choices because either their friends have recommended them to try a new style or they have seen it in a magazine or TV.

Before beginning any service, talk with your customers and learn about their needs and try to find out what inspired them to have that need in the first place. If there are better options available than what they want, don't hesitate to tell them about it.

Leave selection of service up-to them but as a salon owner/hairstylist, it is your job to provide better solutions to your customer's problems.

3. Be friendly

The importance of a friendly conversation cannot be overlooked. While your customer is sitting in your chair, start a conversation with them. Learn about their likes/dislikes about hair and beauty products.

4. Make suggestions and offer beauty tips

Show your customers you really care about them. How to do that? Offer hair/beauty tips and make suggestions about how they can style their hair or which product to use during special occassion, etc. Any customer would love to come back to a salon where he/she is taken good care of.

5. Pre-booking is extremely important

One of the easiest ways to always have your salon filled with customers is pre-booking. Always ask your customers when they will be back again so you could pre-book them. Also, send them a reminder 2-3 days before their appointment so they don't have to cancel/postpone it due to their busy schedule.

Bonus: Follow these tips for retaining salon clients and get recognized for great service and make more money!


Growing a beauty salon business requires patience and engaging with your customers so they visit you often. To do that successfully, you absolutely have to understand their needs and make them feel special. Be a caregiver and you will always find your salon filled with customers.


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