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How to Allocate Multiple Cost Center Codes on Visa Information Managment's credit card, P Card Online System.

Updated on April 19, 2011

Introduction To Splitting Credit Card Transactions

If you are familiar with allocating transactions on Visa's online Information Management system but do not know how to allocate multiple cost codes / department codes on the same credit card (p card) transaction, this article should help.

If you do not know how to allocate transactions at all, I linked an article at the bottom of this page that will teach you to do the cost allocations on this system.

Please keep reading to learn how to allocate multiple cost center codes on Visa Information Managments credit card, P card online system.

Step 1

After logging in and navigating to the pointed where you have opened the specific bill or charge that you want to assign cost / accounting / billing / department codes to (whatever you want to call them :-)

This should put you in the "Allocate a Transaction" screen.

Step 2 Find the ' Split ' Command

Toward the left side of your computer screen you'll see a series of 3 tiny squares with an "L" shaped arrow pointing down at it.  Go ahead and click this.  I'll usually click this once for each different cost / accounting / billing / department code I want to assign.

To keep it simple, lets decide you want to charge / allocate 50% of the allocation to your shipping department and 50% to your safety department, you would just click once and that would give me two areas to enter these numbers.  Try it, you'll see what I mean.

Step 3

Once you have 'split' the fields in step 2 above, you can go ahead and enter the codes if you know them by heart.  If you aren't sure what code to use, go ahead and click the blue  question mark "?" next to the line.

A window will pop up where you can:

1. Manually enter the codes here if you know them by heart.

2. Click the question marks next to those fields and the choose the right account codes.  Then Click "OK"

Do this for each split line, then go to step 4

Step 4 Allocate the Dollar Amount or the Percentage

Here you have two choices.  You can enter the dollar amount for each transaction.  For example, if the total charge is $100 and you want to split it 50/50 between your shipping and safety departments you can simply enter $50 in the "Amount Allocate" field on one line and $50 on the other.


You can enter the percentage you want charged.  In the example above you would enter 50% and 50%

The tricky part comes with transactions that are not split so evenly.   The rule to remember is that always make sure your percentage equals 100% when you add all split lines AND be sure each split line adds up to the total dollar transaction

Step 5

Click "Save and Submit" button when finished.

I Hope That Helps

I hope that helps you to allocate multiple accounting codes on one credit card purchase.

As mentioned, if you aren't sure of the basics of doing an allocation, check out my article linked below.

Please also check out some of my other TurtleDog articles. I'd appreciate it!


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