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How to Establish Call Center Business in Pakistan

Updated on January 5, 2011
How to start Call Center Business in Pakistan
How to start Call Center Business in Pakistan

Nowadays Call Center business is very much popular in Pakistan. The main reason for popularity of this business is that it require small investments and it generates very much high returns in foreign currency such as Dollars and Pounds etc and the expenses are in local currency. But these high returns also undertakes high risk. Although we cannot mitigate this risk completely but we can reduce this Business risk. One best way to avoid this Call Center Business risk is to keep your fixed expenditure very low. In this article I will guide you how to start your own call center in Pakistan and What resources you need to start.

Registration with PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board)

Registration with PSEB is mandatory for every call center to legally operate in Pakistan. Call Centers are required to fill out the call center registration form available at the PSEB website and send back to PSEB along with other documents which includes brief company profile, NTN certificate,CNIC of all Directors, Bank Statement etc. More detailed information and instructions are given at PSEB website


I often come across people who establish a call center business and when every thing is ready at the end they start looking for campaign which waste a lot of time and money. You should start looking for a good campaign from very first day when you took a decision to start call center business.When ever selecting a campaign always go for a product which is easy to sell over the phone and is a well known brand/product. And this was the reason why Dish Network was a successful campaign among the Call Centers. As Dish Network a very strong brand name in USA, just like Bell and Rodgers of Canada. Here is a link of website from where you can get telemarketing campaign.

VOIP/ Dialers

I remember when I started call center business I use Packet 8 VOIP because that was cheaper then vonage ,both were hard phones. Currently I don't know about their current promotions and prices. But nowadays there are many other soft phone suppliers which I have heard that are much cheaper. Even some call centers are using Skype for dialing.


Try to find a place near main roads instead of looking for in housing societies and colonies so it is easier for staff to reach there. Select premises according to your requirement as big premises have high rent. Remember high rent would increase your overall fixed cost. You can find premises for your call center on some websites as well like OLX . There are many other such websites

Call Center Staff

Again there are many such websites where you can look for skilled staff. Even with the help of OLX website you can easily fing staff for your call center. Rozee is also good but its not free for employers but they offer other recruitment services as well. You have two options whether to hire experienced staff or to go for fresh staff. Each option has its own benefits and sme drawbacks also. For example if you hire trained staff they would charge you high whereas fresh staff might charge less. But fresh staff would require training for which you might need to hire a trainer. But that would be just one time cost.So the choice is your but to keep your cost low you can hire an experienced supervisor and rest of the staff could be untrained. Your supervisor could train the call center team.

Other Essential Equipment

Other essential call center equipment include Furniture, Computers, Hub/Switch, Networking Cables, Phone sets etc. Remember Call Center does not require very much efficient and latest computers. Even Pentium 3 can work very well. Again it would save your upfront cost.

And one last thing I must say is that never spend all your funds on these initial setup expenditure. You must keep first 3 months running expenditure of Call Center.I have often seen Call Centers who spend all the funds on setup and later they don't even have to pay the salaries to its staff, in case where payouts are late.

If you have any question related to call center you can ask right here in the comments section.


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    • profile image

      Kelly Hudson 8 months ago from 14 Wall Street, 20th floor Manhattan, New York, 10005

      Thanks for Sharing Informative Article.

    • profile image

      Junaid 2 years ago

      Do i need to have office registered in USA having SSN,Driving license and good credit history.I have a very big project in hand but what is stopping me from starting is that my partner is telling me that we need to have registered office in USA and then we will open subsidiary in Pak.Please guide.Thanks

    • profile image

      khurram ali 3 years ago

      i have a question about call center have mentioned freelancer website link as an example..this means that we have to bid for compains of telemarketing every time....because its a tough task because of rating system on the website..

    • profile image

      Sardar Khalid 3 years ago

      The information provided in this article is very useful and the credit goes to the writer. I am based in Saddar Rawalpindi Cantt with office space of 15 seats.

      I intend to set up a Call Centre for which I would require complete consultancy including a Trainer and the staff for it. I would highly appreciate if I can be advised in this regard please. Thank you.

    • profile image

      fasial 3 years ago

      hi sir, How is the future of On line Quran academy

    • profile image

      sanny 3 years ago

      Hello Dear,

      i need complete consultation for setting up a call center in Pakistan, can anybody expert in this matter help me , its kind of you, please provide me your email or phone number so i can be in touch with you and get the information.

    • profile image

      Fazil 4 years ago


      Call me on below number


    • suxmee profile image

      suxmee 4 years ago

      For free consultancy and help

    • profile image

      Amjad 4 years ago

      i need complete consultation for setting up a call center in Pakistan can anybody expert in this matter help me so please provide me your email or phone number so i can be in touch with you and get the information.

    • profile image

      ahmad sattar bhutta 5 years ago

      I liked the information provided, i reside in chicago, IL and i am planning to open a call center in lahore but i want to start with inbound call. The question i had on my mind is, which you kind of already explained above bu still , how can we get clients who want there customer care call center to be in Pakistan where we operate there software system for trouble shoot or Adding/cutting down lines or billing questions.

      Ahmad Bhutta

    • profile image

      Omair 5 years ago

      the information you publish are very usefull. i wam planning to establish a call centre. could you please help me with it . my email address is

    • profile image

      mubeen 5 years ago

      what kind of softwares needed to run a callcenter

    • profile image

      adel issah 6 years ago

      please,i want to start up a call center in Ghana Africa and would like to know the procedure,processes and actual equipments needed for its start up.

    • profile image

      usama 6 years ago

      Hi, I want to set up a 25 seater call center, but i don't know the exact procedure and licence fee for 25 seater call center etc. Could you please suggest in this regard.

      Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated.

      Thank you

    • suxmee profile image

      suxmee 6 years ago

      It depends upon your budget..most of people in Pakistan use simple hard phones or soft phones..Predictive Dialer is expense..

    • profile image

      Imran 6 years ago

      The article is extremely helpful and simple to understand. I am looking to start a call center business and i want to know the call management solution. Could you please suggest in this regard.

    • profile image

      Tanzeel 6 years ago

      Valuable information