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How to Fail at Affliliate Marketing

Updated on May 9, 2011

Don't Plan Your Day

There are so many articles and information on how to succeed as an internet affiliate marketer, I thought I would take a look at it from the other side.  If you follow all of these steps carefully, you are guaranteed to fail as an affiliate marketer. 

Sit down at your computer, don’t have a specific direction on what it is you are going to do while you are sitting there. Do not write yourself a “to do” list. Make sure you don’t have a very specific niche picked out, the more general, the better. This is especially important when you are preparing a Pay Per Click campaign, because you want to make sure you are bidding the most amount possible on each and every broad untargeted keyword. While you are at it, call your credit card company and up your limit, because this will definitely cost you a few bucks at the end of the month.


Distraction is Key

While you are surfing around on the internet, look at every shiny thing that catches your eye. Hopefully you got that limit increased on your credit card, because you are going to jump at every splash page you see and purchase each and every thing offered in the hopes that the secret will be revealed to you about how you are going to rake in all that cash. 

Make sure you don’t spend a specific amount of time on any project, organization would be foolish. Print off as many ebooks as you can find and don’t make time to read them. They will come in very handy as fireplace kindling this year over the cold winter months. If you roll them up and tie them with string, they are almost like logs! Why waste money on firewood? Make sure you don’t delete anything from your computer ever. Even if you read it and found it completely useless. You can always get more memory installed in your computer.


Don't ask Advice or Seek Help

Don’t join any affiliate marketing sites or forums. None of those people know anything and they are certainly not posting information for free to help you out. Don’t bother PM’ing anyone to get to know them better and ask questions. Even if you cannot write an article to save your life, don’t hire a freelancer who can write 20 keyword targeted articles in the time it takes you to write one. You should be wasting all of your time wracking your brain and wondering where to start. At the end of it all, shut off your computer and toss it out with the recycling. You cannot do this. 

A bit far fetched? Not really. Many of us expect to be handed money making knowledge and to make that money instantaneously. I must admit, I was one of those “get rich quick” seekers. The only thing I can tell you is that you have to learn each and every step by applying yourself, making the time, not being distracted and having goals in mind with respect to each and every highly targeted niche you promote. You need to set time aside each and every day, investing it in yourself and your business, because you are the only one who can make this work for you. No one else has any interest in helping you to make money. Not to be harsh about it, but if you don’t help yourself to a piece of the internet pie, no one is going to serve it to you.



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    • midnighteden profile image

      midnighteden 8 years ago from UK

      Some of these really struck a chord with me and it's amazing how easy it is to get sucked into things that you think matter online - but that really don't.

      Thanks for a great lens.