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How to Find Discount Goods and Services

Updated on May 29, 2013

Household Goods on the Cheap

In the past few years of my life, I have moved more than I would have liked. Lets face it, life happens and from time to time you have to move and adjust your lifestyle to get through the ups and downs. One thing I noticed, was that finding furniture and household goods can be expensive. You finally find the right things for your current space only to move again and find that what worked in one place, doesn't work in all places. I started getting frustrated with continually rotating through couches, decorations, paintings and other household goods. That is when I stumbled upon liquidations and auctions as a way to get what I need for cheap.

How to Find Auctions

Do a quick Google Search, and look for auctions in your area. I found Auction Zip to be a productive search. From here, look for companies that specialize in estate auctions. If you're lucky, your city and surrounding area has a company or two that holds a monthly auction. These are great because you're getting multiple estates and liquidations all under one roof.

Consignment: 2nd Life Resale

Consider a consignment shop or resale shop. You'd be surprised what these stores have to offer. Want an even deeper discount? Find those companies that are a step up from craigslist and have an online storefront. Many times, liquidators and re-sellers don't have a physical storefront because their inventory is scatter across warehouses or storage facilities. Take a look through their inventory and reach out to them. You can find amazing deals for like new items. T

Take the Work Out of It

Given the explosion of TV series focused around auctions and pawn shops or buying presentable items on the cheap, there are becoming an increasing number of businesses that seek out these deals for you and then offer merchandise at below retail prices. Often times these companies get their merchandise brand new, with little to no defects. When you think about a couch, you want something a bit newer or hardly worn. You want the story to be that it came from a business that had overstock, or a slight defect, and not something that was sitting in grandma's living room for a decade. But if you can get over the fact that it may not be brand new or perfect, the savings can be 50% or more from what you would pay for retail.

Look Local

When you go online to look for a business, make sure you filter your keywords to a local company. For instance, search discount goods and services in your city, you can find companies that specialize in these type of activities. These companies go to auctions, liquidations and buy merchandise well below their retail prices and then re-sell them with minimal mark ups. They can't afford to mark up their items since people will simply choose something new. As a result, you're almost always getting something a price much less than you could find at a furniture store, or other retailer. A lot of these companies will also provide a service for you, if you have something in mind. They commonly have vast networks of liquidators and can simply scout items for you and let you know when they find something you like.

Best Things to Buy Second Hand

While not everything is suitable for resale, a bed for instance, many household goods are perfect. Things like coffee tables, dressers and night stands. Decorations, ottomans, lamps, paintings and bookshelves. All of these are great and easy to find online for really cheap. More often than not too, these items are of a good quality and presentable condition. It's easier to swallow the pride on a second hand coffee table than a couch for instance. You can't really tell the difference.


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