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How to Find Online Writing Jobs

Updated on September 18, 2012
You can make money online with your writing skills.
You can make money online with your writing skills.

If you are looking for part-time or full-time work, and you have writing skills, you can easily find online writing work. As with many online ventures, you must be aware of scams, such as clients who promise big pay but then don't follow through after you complete the work. However, with some research and hard work, you can make money writing on the web. Here are some great places to find legitimate writing work online.

Forums for Writers

One of the best places to find online writing work and get tips from seasoned writers is online forums. Websites like and have forums where writers provide advice for newbies and clients list writing work. These are great places for new online writers to learn the trade.


There is a section for writing jobs on While you need to be wary of scams where clients won't pay, you may be able to land a gig through this website. If the client likes your work, it may turn into a lucrative, ongoing relationship.

Web Searches

Believe it or not, a web search for "write for us" might actually help you find a great online writing gig. Many websites that accept submissions from freelance writers have a "write for us" page with instructions on how to submit queries or pieces for publication.

Bidding Sites

Sites like and let you bid on writing jobs. Be aware that jobs usually go for a very low price on these sites, so they may not be worth your effort. However, if you want to experiment and try to get your foot in the door, it might be worth your while to look into this type of work. Clients often give writers more work if they like what they see.

Content Mills

Sites like are content mills that pay writers per piece to write articles, usually for the web. Typically, they provide the titles, and you write the content. The client usually gets all rights to the work when you accept payment. This type of work can be lucrative if you are a fast writer with a vast knowledge of many topics, but content mills are notorious for being low-paying gigs.

Residuals and Adsense,, and are all examples of places that you can post your work and earn money based on the advertising revenue it brings. Websites like this typically allow you to keep the rights to your work and earn a percentage of the ad revenue it brings into the website. Online writers seem to have varying success with this type of venture, and knowledge of keywords and search engines definitely helps.

Private Clients

Seeking private clients is perhaps the best way to make money as an online writer. You must market yourself by proactively contacting potential clients. Building a website and a library of samples of your work is a great place to start.


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