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How to Find Unadvertised Jobs

Updated on June 20, 2013

No luck looking for work the old fashioned way?


Where to Find Unadvertised Jobs

In order to find a job you must know where the jobs are to get one. And once you find one you have to make sure that the job that matches your knowledge, skills and abilities in order to secure it. It seems like a lot of work, but it’s not. The vast amount of companies that require your skills may look like a needle in a haystack to the naked eye, throw on some speckles and I’ll show you how to find jobs that the majority of job seekers don’t see and can’t apply for.

Truth is a lot of open positions are unadvertised. Companies often try to recruit within or directly from an employee referral or some other inside means before looking outside for help. After all in this economy, companies are still trying to do more with less so if they can hire a quality person without the expense of advertising they’ll do it. Don’t panic or permit any of those reasons stop you from looking for these unadvertised positions, help is here. Who knows you may just have the skills that a company is looking for, but you won’t know if you don’t try. Continue reading and learn where to find unadvertised jobs in this hub.

Avoid the Unemployment Line


Help-Wanted Advertising

I know you thought this was about finding unadvertised jobs, bear with me, it still is. Allow help wanted ads to guide you to companies that are hiring. Industries grow together. When you scan help wanted ads, look for companies that are hiring in your field, but don’t apply there. Inquire at that company’s competition or a company that does work for that company. For example if a Ford manufacturer starts hiring, more than likely GM and Toyota are soon to follow. People just don’t need one type of car when the economy is strong, they demand all types. This opens a potential door for you. Reach out to the unadvertised competition and discuss your skill set. You’ll be remembered for being proactive, and you just might get the job before anyone else catches when that the company is hiring.

Walk Right In

Yes, that’s right. Investigate companies that you would like to work for and find out who manages that department. Cold call that company like a salesperson by either calling on the phone or walking into their offices. If you call, ask to speak to the person in charge of the department that you would like to work, introduce yourself and ask him or her if you could drop your resume off. Nine times out of ten they’ll say no, but if they don’t you’ve scored a home run. Again, don’t worry if you are asked to apply online or send in your resume because you have established physical contact. So if asked to send your resume in or apply online, do so, but follow up with the hiring manager in 7-10 days after you’ve submitted your resume.

The Unadvertised Open Position Can Be Yours



Schools are a excellent source of unadvertised job leads. Check with high school, trade schools, colleges and universities about job openings in your area. Many times you don’t even have to be alumni to review their open jobs. Most schools have job openings posted outside their career services departments. If you are an alumnus make an appointment with a career counselor. Your school may be able to help you with job leads, resume writing and interviewing techniques.

Executive Search Firms

Executive Search Firms are often call headhunters. Some firms hire headhunters to find candidates. These generally are for positions that make salaries that exceed $50,000 per year. Register with a few executive search firm if your earnings exceed that amount. It doesn’t cost you anything to register with them. The employers pay the headhunter a percentage of your first year’s salary.

Employers are always looking for bright and talented people although they may not openly advertise it. The job market is filled with candidates using the traditional methods to find work, increase your chances by taking an nontraditional route. Look for unadvertised positions and get hired today.

Are you fed up with the searching for a job with no results?

How likely are you try these options above?

If you do try them, come back to these hub and share your success?

In the meantime, happy job hunting!


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