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How to Find A job

Updated on July 24, 2009

Creative ways to find work

 I watched a show featuring Donald Trump, months ago and he was telling people that you have to move where the work is. It made sense and I did find a job and I moved. I use to live in the same town five years ago and should not have moved to the north where the jobs were scarce. I thought I was okay until our so called season ended, and this job started with a wage freeze, cutting hours, cutting days, cutting food, taking all they could from the hourly people but not their salary people. The employees that are suffering are the ones that needed the hours and the money most. I knew my time was short, and I was right. My sons are both college educated and doing well, and they can not understand how I had a full time job, but I could never pay the bare essentials. I told them it cost me more to get there with gas than I  made per week. How was that going to change with the early wage freeze put into place? I can tell you right now, surfing the web is not going to get you a job. Most of the sites want traffic and they post old jobs with new dates, the jobs do not exist. The unemployment web site does contain some information that is current. If you locate a job through a sub-site, go to the company website and search and see if that job does in fact exist. Apply for that job on the company website. What I also do which may sound morbid, is that any person locally that had a job, then had an accident or worse, I figure there is an opening. I usually research the companies to check for scam companies. Believe me people let you know when they have been scammed. Two companies called me that were scam companies set up in very affluent buildings locally. I like to use www.indeed.combecause it pulls from other websites, it allows  the user to target a specific area, it also will pull a job title searching the entire state that you enter. Most of the information is current. Yesterday, I searched Geico and Progressive and found jobs, one in my state and one not.  I also sent letters to companies because they are afraid to advertise because of the mass numbers of replies they are getting. I did not like Craig's List. Yahoo had very old stuff. I am going to go out and network next week. I have thought about using my skills and opening a side business for now. The occupational licensing is not expensive, and if you use your own name you save on the filing of a fictitiousname state fee. You need to keep a positive attitude, you will not be defeated. The mistake people are making is only looking for what they have been doing in the past. It will not work, the companies know they can pay less. You need to start somewhere. I just worked with millions of dollars, I never handled that much cash before. I did a good and accurate job. I watch the news and read the papers to see if any one got arrested, maybe there is a job there. I check the State websites, the Government websites, the County websites. You would be surprised at how many inbound call centers there are. There is always a high turn around rate. If people finish training and they can not sell, they are gone. The problems I see in my part of Florida is listings for only English and Spanish speaking people. I do not think that since this is our country, that we will not be considered because we are not bilingual. I feel that a big change is coming, there is a massive amount of pressure on our government to create jobs. The health care reform will push more business out of this country. The answer does not lie in green jobs, or technical jobs that the average person can not work in. Jobs are needed to give back to the people financial independence. There has to be someone with a brain to fix the job market. The government gave the big banks their bailout money. Perhaps they need to give business a boost so they have the funds needed to produce and hire local help. The one thing I will always do is pray. I pray for the direction and the wisdom to follow the right path. I have come this far, and I will not give up. When people express their needs, the problem is solved. I am not giving up, I will not give up because I want to feel safe and happy. I want to live!


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