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How to Get that Job!

Updated on January 3, 2012

First Steps

In this economy as many are unemployed and seeking, it is very important to embrace several very important strategies in order to stand out and get that job. We will assume that some of the most basic requirements in terms of dress, and time management are covered. No matter what job you apply for and the interview takes place, you have to sell yourself! You must convince the interviewer and employer that you are the best candidate for the job.

Important First Steps:

1. Learn about the company/organization:

It is important to research the company before the interview to ensure that you can ask appropriate questions, or give appropriate responses to any questions asked. For example, it is never okay to go into an interview and ask the interviewer, " What does this company do?" A question such as this, will have the interviewer wondering exactly why you are there, and whether or not you are really interested in working for the company. You will definitely need to know something about the company so that when you are asked, "Why do you want to work here?", you can give an intelligent answer. Some of the common places to get information are the internet (Google etc.), television, the newspaper, or even present employees. I would be careful about getting information from employees though because sometimes their information may not be very reliable.

2. Reveal pertinent skills and benefits:

In order to sell yourself, it is extremely important to show the employer that you bring important skills and benefits to the company. It is safe to assume that when you first saw the job advertised, you were able to qualify yourself based on the job description. Now is the time to show just how much your experiences, skills, and qualifications will benefit the company. How will you being employed cause the company to improve its bottom line, customer service, product etc. etc? Are you a team player? Are you teachable? This brings us to the next point.

3. Focus on employer's needs:

Although it is important to sell yourself during the interview, the waters can at times become a little "muddy" if a balance is not maintained. This means that the focus during the interview must always be on the needs and wants of the employer, rather than on your own! Even if your sole purpose for seeking the job is just to be able to pay your bills, this must not be said. Instead, focus on showing the employer how he/she will benefit from having you on their team. Another way to do this is to highlight some of the interesting strengths or features of the company that will motivate you to want to work there.

4. Be Yourself:

When you put it together, it all boils down to you being yourself (within reason and appropriate boundaries), and relaxing during the interview. Be aware that your personality type, and style will play an important role. Be calm, positive and pleasant! The more you relax, the more your responses and body language will be professional. On the other hand, do not become so relaxed that you are slouching in your chair, making "off the wall" jokes, chewing gum, answering your phone, etc. A true representation of who you are will more than anything else reveal to the employer how great a fit you can be to the company. I am not saying that if you have a bad attitude, and this is the real "you," you should reveal this. Remember your personal objectives, and the fact that you are in this interview to marry your objectives with those of the company.

In a nutshell, there are many more strategies and steps to consider when trying to get that job. Remember that when it all is considered, the process can be stressful, but the aim is to convince the employer that you are the person to fill the job need. It is only when this is realized that you will get that job!


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    • valdar9 profile image

      valdar9 5 years ago

      Thank you Tracy.

    • profile image

      TraciAmbrose 5 years ago

      Great information!