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How to Find and Obtain Carpet Installer Jobs

Updated on January 22, 2012

Many businesses have jobs for carpet installation. While the work of a carpet installer is not the highest paying job, it pays a decent salary for those who are good with their hands and get one of the thousands of installation jobs in the United States.

According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most prevalent employers that provide jobs for carpet installers include building finishing contractors, home furnishings stores, furniture and home furnishing merchant wholesalers, nonresidential building construction firms, and furniture stores.

In a survey conducted in May of 2010, there were a total of 25,580 carpet installation jobs in the U.S. Due to a vibrant construction industry there, California led the way by a wide margin, coming in with 5,560 of those jobs. Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, and Missouri were next on the list.

The hourly and yearly salary for carpet installers is more than what some may expect. Despite there being no formal educational requirement for carpet installer jobs, the median hourly wage was about $17. The median yearly salary came in at about $36,000.

Carpet installation training is typically done on the job, and there is no formal educational requirement. This is often one of the better jobs even for those who do not speak English. However, any experience in construction or college classes in engineering or related disciplines could help to get higher paying and more responsible positions. Managers of carpet installers, for example, tend to get paid more.

In places like furniture stores, the carpet installers are also hired to sell carpet and arrange installation. Any experience in sales would also be a leg up for these kinds of jobs that require some people skills in addition to the specific job of laying carpet.

Sites like Career Builder post carpet installer jobs on a regular basis. Many times, though, you should just go around to all stores and contractors in the area and apply with them. A large number of carpet installation job opportunities are not going to be posted anywhere because there are plenty of people looking for these jobs.


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