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How to Find the Perfect Caterer

Updated on December 5, 2017

Finding the perfect caterer is somewhat of a challenge when working in different cities all the time. Though it is hard, it is not impossible. While looking, there is criteria each individual event coordinator has, but there are four big qualities everyone searches for.

  1. Responsiveness and the ability to work with you
  2. Has experience working with the events similar to yours
  3. Sharing your view points
  4. Good recommendations

Why Is It Important To Have A Good Caterer?

Having a good caterer is very important on many levels. As the coordinator, you know that food is one main topic of talk. Each meal and snack has to be good, because no one wants to have cold or nasty burnt food. Having those factors happen, will be the only memory your clients will have from the experience and your company can be labeled the ones who picked a bad caterer. Also, a catering service is a huge part of anyone's budget. The coordinators know they need to spend it wisely.

Top 4 Qualities For Having A Catering Service

1.Responsiveness and the ability to work with you

When working with a new caterer, they need to be prompt with returning calls or emails, otherwise they will not get any business. They also need to have the ability to work with you. Finding a catering service who will work along side you to create a menu for your clients is perfect. These catering services need to be able to give suggestions and be able to listen to them. There are many catering clients who have specifications due to allergies and in order to keep them as clients, they need to alter the menus for their people.

2. Has Experience Working With Events Like Yours.

Another important part about a caterer is making sure they have experience with your type of business. Having a cater know, what it is your company does and what your party somewhat expects, then things might go off without a hitch. Also having them know what to expect allows them to leave the coordinators alone (no hand holding). The caterers do not need to have every step spelled out for them either. This quality allows the caterers to have the upper hand against the competitors.

3. Sharing your views posts

When first meeting your caterer, you usually tell them about your company and what you do for your clients. You also describe your clients tastes to them because it will give the caterer an idea of what menu you both want to create. You want the caterer to move away from the simple burger and fries deal and create something that will 'wow' your clients while using the same dish. Basically look for the ones who are willing to say yes to any idea the both of you create.

4. Good Recommendations

This last quality is a deal breaker. When searching for good caterers you really only want to consider the ones who have the best recommendations. An easy way to know if they are good is to see if the reviews show the first three qualities listed above. If they are outstanding reviews than continue on with contacting their service.


Though there are many factor when looking at hiring a catering service for the event. These top four qualities will help determine which ones are good versus the bad.

© 2017 SK Forte


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