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How to SEO Your eBay Listing Title

Updated on October 14, 2012
The eBay Logo
The eBay Logo

If you're going to have any success selling anything on popular auction 'site eBay you're going to need two key things alongside the item your selling. A decent listing and a descriptive, keyword-packed title.

This Hub deals with the simple method of creating effective, descriptive titles for your eBay auctions or 'listings'.

Keywords are IMPORTANT!

When you create a listing for any item on eBay, it's absolutely 100% necessary to give the listing the most effective title possible.

By 'effective' I mean a title that really rakes in the visits to your item's page. Because let's face it, if no one can find your item, how do you expect anyone to buy your item?

What are you selling?

It's important that when you're selling an item that you don't give it a simplistic title. e.g, if you're selling a Laptop you'll want a listing title that has a little more than just the word 'Laptop' in it.

Think about it

What brand is the Laptop? What operating system does it run? What condition is the item in? All of these things can be incorporated into the title of the listing and all these things are guaranteed to increase your listing's visability and response. Try to add as many keywords as possible, it's very important that all keywords are relevant however, for example someone searching for Golf Balls on eBay won't in the slightest bit be interested in your Laptop.

Bringing it all together

Taking the above into account, you can easily go from:

Laptop to Brand New Acer Laptop Windows 7

The latter being a lot more likely to receive more visits from potential buyers.


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