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How to Generate Millions of Views in the 'Sounds of Nature' YouTube Niche

Updated on July 3, 2018
Sounds of nature videos
Sounds of nature videos

YouTube still a very popular video site

Even though there are a lot of places to view videos these days, Google's YouTube remains a place where a lot of people still visit to watch many of their favorite content topics or categories.

Always on the lookout for niches I can pass onto my readers, in doing some research I found another interesting topic that attracts millions of views in a significant number of YouTube videos.

What's amazing about it is you don't need a video camera or any type of equipment to do it other than a computer or device that can be used to put together some music to create a specific mood. You don't even need to have a photo or other image if you don't want, because the focus is on the atmosphere being created for the listener.

Keep in mind that all videos aren't what we usually think; they can be comprised of only audio as well, with a black screen if we choose to go that route, so the listener doesn't get distracted.

In this article I'll show you not only some YouTube videos that are very easy to make, but can drive a lot of traffic, but also the specific websites to go to in order to create them.

Also included is a video of how to use that site to produce the desired effect you're looking for and which you believe will get people interested in listening to them.

What is this unique niche?

This unique niche is the sounds of nature. The targeted audience is primarily those that have trouble sleeping or need to relax for a period of time.

Some of the sounds that can be accessed in order to create a video that only includes audio and an image, are light or heavy rain, rain and thunder, rolling thunder, ocean waves, distant thunder, tropical rain, birds singing, and at times the inclusion of a Native American flute to complete the touch when it goes with other sounds of nature.

Again, the purpose is to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere where people can meditate, rest or fall asleep. Nothing does this much better than sounds we get from our natural outdoor surroundings.

One thing to keep in mind is because these types of videos are to help people relax, many will prefer a still image or a solid black screen so they don't get tempted to interact with their device as they lay down to rest.

That said, many people like to have at least an image to associate with as they listen. It's a good idea to do both. The point is you don't even have to have an image in order to attract a lot of people to a video created for the purpose of helping them relax and sleep better.

Examples of nature sound videos

I'm not going to get into describing the sounds of nature videos below, I'll let them speak for themselves. The main thing to keep in mind is different people have different sounds they prefer for sleeping, and they are expressed in subtle ways in the videos below.

What I'll start with first is one that is a black screen version, and has had over 1 million views or listens since it was made.

What I'll start with first is one that is a black screen version, and has had over 1 million views or listens since it was made.

Heavy Rain with Rolling Thunder 11 Hours - Black Screen Version -Sounds of Nature

Sound and water

Next is a relaxing sound video including paced music and water. I like the way the music sets the pace of the experience. It definitely puts you in a quiet and reflective mode; one which could easily get you tired and put you to sleep.

The video below has almost 3 million views.

Relaxing Music, Paradise HD, Water Sounds

Sound of a small waterfall

The next sound video is that of a small waterfall, and it has over 6 million views. You just loop the sound and allow the gif to remain for the duration of the video. You don't need a gif like the one you see, but it's a nice touch.

Using an image instead of the waterfall would work just as good for those trying to go to sleep to the sound.

Calming Music: Nature Sounds, Zen Music

Sound of rain in the woods

Next is a good look at what I consider a niche sound. You simply include an image of rain falling in the woods, add the sound of rain, and allow the imagination of the listener to create the ambience.

RAIN IN THE WOODS SLEEP SOUNDS | Nature's White Noise For Relaxation, Studying

Music and waterfall sounds to relax by

The next video of a waterfall and relaxing music shows the way a combination of the two can work very well. Viewers think so as well, with over 7.5 million views.

Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds - Waterfall HD

Thunder and lighting in rain storm video

Many people prefer a more aggressive sound to relax or go to sleep by, and this popular video of thunder and lighting during a rain storm does the trick for millions. Over 26 million people have listened to the video.

EPIC THUNDER & RAIN | Rainstorm Sounds For Relaxing, Focus or Sleep

Recent nature sound video someone just created that had never done it before

Here's a nature sound video someone I know just created. It's simple, easy to create, and only took about an hour to do. It will take a lot less time once you get used to doing it.

The person added a flute to develop a different feel to the sound of the birds and forest.

Healing sounds of the forest: birds and native flute

How to create a sounds of nature video for free

There is a terrific site called Nature Sounds for Me, which provides an online mixing board tool to create the specific sound or sounds you're looking for.

When I tried it, it only took a few minutes to figure out and I was creating some interesting and fund stuff.

Even so, below is an image of the sound mixer you'll see when you get to the site. Just click on the "Help" button and it gives very easy instructions to follow.

At its basic level you just click on the No Sound arrows pointing down and it gives you sound options. After that move the knobs up or down to get the desired sound level, and once you like it, you can export it to your desired location.

Sound mixer

Converting the sound file

After creating the audio and downloading it to your computer, you can go to Online Video Converter to change it to MP4, or to Audio Online Convert to change it to MP3 if you prefer. You have to do that because the mixer website produces a format that has to be changed to work with YouTube.

Once that's done, go to a royalty free image or video site and grab one to use with the audio if you want.

After that's done, all you have to do is import your video clip or image, along with the audio track, into your video editing program. You can even use Movie Maker if that's all you have. The challenge there is it doesn't have a loop feature, so you have to keep putting the audio and video into the platform to make it play longer.

Once they're in the program, simply allow them to loop for an hour or so, and then render them. Your video will be ready to upload to your monetized YouTube account.


Creating nature sound videos for the purpose of helping people relax or sleep better is a little known YouTube niche that generates a lot of views for content creators.

Not only can the audio tracks be used for videos, but you can include them in your website, podcasts, or other places you share content with other people.

All of this and you don't need a video camera, special microphone, or anything else but a connection to the internet and a computer or device to work with.

One thing I would do would be to try and have a little twist for the videos you create. While this isn't overly crowded yet, it will be as people do more research into what drives views on YouTube.

That will help you develop a unique video that caters to a specific niche. In other words, while everyone likes to have sounds available to help them relax, rest or sleep, many of them have secondary interests as well, which when understood, can be tapped into.

They may be a dog lover that would like a dog photo while listening to rain. You could even include an image, gif or video clip of a dog running around in the rain. You get the idea. Just think of specific niches within this nature sounds niche, and you can zero in on a variety of interests beyond soothing and healing sounds alone.

If you want to generate some extra income but don't want to invest in a lot of equipment, this is a great way to do it.

Just be patient and work as it consistently, as it'll take time to build this up as a business, if that's the direction you want to take it.


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    • YouTuFab profile image


      3 months ago

      Just to share a new website to download YouTube videos. Or simply change "be" of "youtube" to "fab" in the link to download video or MP3 files from YouTube website directly.

    • profile image

      Kenneth Embry 

      2 years ago

      Now this was an Excellent and very helpful article...Thanks a million.


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