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How to Get Free Advertising

Updated on March 18, 2013
Press Release
Press Release

Free Marketing Strategies That Work

Who doesn’t like getting things for free? Most people do. I personally know people who visit local supercenters and wholesale clubs at lunch time to get all the free sample food they can eat and not pay a penny. Buying $100 worth of groceries and paying just $25 because you spent last Sunday clipping coupons pays off nicely. So because I love a bargain, I enjoy using several marketing strategies to get free advertising for my business and for my clients.

The press release

The press release is one of THE best ways to get free advertising for your business. Local newspapers, television and radio stations and chambers of commerce all like to pass along information about new businesses, products and events happening around town. Here’s an online site that shares the typical press release format. Or you can download a free Microsoft template. They’re relatively easy to write and follow a specific format. You can submit your press release to one of the many free distribution sites available on the web. If you decide to submit your release directly to your local paper or news station do yourself a favor and call first. You want to be sure your release doesn’t immediately get rejected because you didn’t follow the specified guidelines.

Write for article directories

My favorite free publicity tool is the article network or directory. Basically you write an article and submit it to one of the many directories accessible to writers. Along with your article you fill in a resource box with your bio and website. When your article appears on the site so does your business via your website. Follow the directory guidelines carefully however. Many, if not all, have fairly strict rules about spamming, too much self-promotion, too many self-serving links, etc. Never put your email address in your resource box. You’ll be inundated with spam from every Tom, Dick and Harry. Once you submit your article don’t just forget about it. Digg it, reddit it, tweet it, facebook it, and send it to any other social network you can think of. It’s all about linking your article back to you. When your article is submitted to a directory you can still use it elsewhere, but it can also be used by anyone who decides to do so. But so what? The rules and guidelines say anyone who uses an article must give credit to the original author. More free advertising!

Volunteering to gain exposure for your business

Volunteer. You can offer to volunteer your business services to a local charity. I’m a writer so naturally I’d offer something like writing a free press release for an upcoming local charity event, writing web content for their site, content for an autoresponder, articles for their blog, you get the idea. Volunteer at your child’s school, your local church, hospital or nursing home. After you get a reputation of being a concerned, involved parent or citizen, people will trust you enough to buy whatever it is you have to sell.

Good old fashioned business bartering

Barter. I needed some trees cut around my yard. I made a deal with the owner of a tree trimming company to create and maintain a blog on his website and submit articles linking his business site in exchange for his tree trimming services. Bartering is a hugely overlooked form of exchanging goods and services. In a down economy, customers are strapped for money. What better way could there be to get what you need by exchanging for something already have?

90% of business revenue is a result of advertising

Things are tough all over. It’s time to get creative and come up with ways to make money. You work hard at making your business a success and it’s said that about 90% of your revenue will come directly from advertising and marketing. But it doesn’t have to break the bank. As you can see there are some pretty darn good free things you can do to help your business succeed.


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