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How to Get Google Adsense Account Approved Easily and Quickly

Updated on September 16, 2010

Easy and The Quick way

Everyone is eager to get an adsense account in their aim to get online money making ideas. And nowadays it has become difficult to get an account approved for their blogs or websites due to google's strict rules like 6 months of existence of the web before submitting to google for adsense. Here I am going to share with you an easy and quicker way to get legal adsense account from google.

Many of us knows about is one way to apply for adsense. But there is also another way. It is via It is very simple. I have personal experience of it. Please follow the below steps strictly to get your adsense account approved.

1. Goto and register for a new account.

2. As you are registering, docstoc asks you if you have an adsense id. Since you don't have one, go for creating new one.

3. You should take the following precautions.

a. The Name should exactly match the one you have given in docstoc and adsense.

b. Specify to allow docstoc for checking the adsense, check box. Without this your adsense account will not be approved. Still need not worry that docstoc will not have any control over your earnings. They will take only their 50 % share from the clicks when your content is shown.

c. Take your time to complete the profile listed in the docstoc., including your photo.

d. Don't forget to add atleast documents may be ppt, docx. But it should be good quality original one's. In my case, I added atleast 18 pptx files fully original.

4. Wait for your adsense account approval. Google says it will give you in 3 days, but it actually to 21 days for me. There is no other way to contact them. Only thing is to be patient till you get the approval from them as "Welcome to the Adsense..." mail.

I hope that this will help everyone to get one account from adsense, which is the dream of many of us. You may leave any comments, in case of any questions you have. But be sure, this method works for many people and I have personal experience of this.





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    • profile image

      andy 4 years ago

      thank for the tip, it's usefull

    • profile image

      karan virk 5 years ago

      this adsense willl be of google or from any other

    • profile image

      rtg 7 years ago

      hmmm great tips really working! great

    • arunnura profile image

      arunnura 7 years ago from India

      Yes, it is true. I was focusing on India, China people who are finding it difficult to get.

    • Cobrafan profile image

      Cobrafan 7 years ago from Nowhere

      Another fairly simple way is to use Hubpages. Write 2 or 3 good hubs then apply for Adsense. Most US based users will be approved instantly.