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How to Get Over Marketing Overwhelm Quickly?

Updated on May 4, 2020
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How to Get Over Marketing Overwhelm

For those who are new to entrepreneurship, and particularly for those new to solopreneurship, the prospect of marketing your business can be daunting – if not completely overwhelming.

The different avenues available, the time required, and the technology to be mastered all combine to create a responsibility of enormous proportions that most of us fervently wish did not exist!

Yet we all know that without marketing, our businesses will never take off the way that we’d like and will never grow to their full potential.

So what can be done to get over this marketing overwhelm?

First, identify what is holding you back. Do you have a clear idea of what you need to accomplish (build a Web presence, book speaking engagements, host a teleseminar)? Are you trying to do too many things by yourself? Are you inconsistent in your marketing efforts? All of the above?

Getting clarity on what is holding you back is critical to finding the tools and getting the training or mentoring required to take the next step forward. You’ll need an honest self- assessment or an assessment by someone knowledgeable and external to your business to tackle this step.

Next, you need to be sure that you are not operating under one or more of the three biggest misconceptions that interfere with your ability to create a workable marketing plan for your business:

Myth Number 1: More is better

A Mythbuster: It’s actually better to master one or two elements of a marketing plan instead of doing a mediocre to the poor job at several of them.

Myth Number 2: You should always challenge yourself

A Mythbuster: Instead of spending your time and energy on things that are overly taxing for you, delegate or outsource them.

Myth Number 3: Time is Money

A Mythbuster: This is only true if you are working on activities that generate results!

The decisions that you make about what to do first, what to do next, and what not to do at all in your marketing program have a direct effect on how well you handle the challenges of your workday and how much revenue you have the potential to generate.

How do you make these decisions, and have confidence in them?

By carefully and deliberately setting the marketing goals for your company, and employing good time management practices to achieve those goals.

The most important time management practice is prioritization.

Unfortunately, poor prioritization is the number one cause of overwhelm

among women solopreneurs!

How do you prioritize to maximize the time that you spend on marketing?

So how do you prioritize to maximize the time that you spend on marketing?

Prioritizing the time you spend on marketing is easy.Just ask yourself the following four questions:

  1. Which marketing activities are critical to the success of my project?
  2. Which ones are important, but not critical?
  3. Which ones are optional?
  4. Does working on this activity help or hinder me in achieving my marketing goal?

Let’s say you have decided that your most important marketing activity is building a robust email list to support an upcoming product launch.

Your current list of marketing activities consists of :

  1. Attending live networking events (2 and a half to 3 hours twice a month);
  2. Building a following on Facebook (about 2 hours a day);
  3. Blogging three times a week (3 hours per post);
  4. Building a new website (1 hour a week);

You excel at networking and have a Rolodex full of business cards; you have a decent following on Facebook; and you are getting lots of comments on your blog.

You know your current website needs a new look and enhanced technical functionality (including an opt-in box) and have decided to build a new one yourself.

Achieving your Marketing Goals

Looking at the four questions above and applying them to your goal of building a mailing list, one possible assessment is the following:

  1. Building a new website is critical to achieving this goal. A website with an opt-in function is the easiest and most effective way to build a list online.
  2. Blogging and Facebook are important because they are online activities that you are doing well. But without a place to which you can drive your online contacts to capture their email addresses, these activities are not moving you toward the goal of building a mailing list.
  3. Live networking can be considered optional because you will need to expend considerable effort to manually enter the names and email addresses into your mailing list–and you still need to establish that capability.
  4. Building a new website yourself may actually hinder you from achieving your goal if you don’t have sufficient expertise in website building, you have the expertise required but you don’t have adequate time to spend on this task, or you know how to build the site but you don’t like doing it, so you find excuses not to work on it.

Under this scenario, it would make sense to prioritize the website-building activity by outsourcing it to someone who can do the job quickly and well or by reducing the time spent on Facebook and your other marketing activities and spending most of that time building the site yourself.

Before we reach the End

Finally, it is important to remember that flexibility is a key component of successful prioritization. When things don’t go as planned, you need to be able to adjust your activities accordingly while keeping your ultimate goal in mind.

What is your biggest source of online marketing overwhelm? Share it with us in the comment section below.


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