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How to Get Paid From a Top Paying Online Affiliate Program

Updated on May 9, 2014

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is typically someone who signs up online to help promote and sell a product or service of a vendor or company online via hyperlinks. The affiliate industry has a culture all in itself. It has practically exploded in recent years. If you have ever heard of Pace Lattin or any other industry guru, then you have already been exposed to the world of affiliate marketing.

Types of programs

There are affiliate programs of all shapes and sizes out there. Some are run in house (by the merchant) and others are run via affiliate networks. Some popular networks are Commission Junction, Share A Sale and Link Share. When searching for the perfect affiliate program that you want to promote to earn income, there are certain things that you want to look for which are how much will you get paid per sale; the tracking cookie length, when you will get paid, how you will be paid and the payment threshold.

Finding an industry or niche

It is a little tricky trying to figure out which industry or category of product to promote. You want to find a product that has high margins for the merchant so that they will pass those extra dollars on to you. Two such niches are jewelry and software. These product categories or “niches” tend to have higher margins so the producers of such items generally can pass the extra money made from sales onto you their affiliates. Whichever industry that you decide to promote, make sure that you can be passionate about the product.

Technical know-how

You don’t have to be a computer geek to become an affiliate. You will need to minimally know what a hyperlink and or linked banner image is and how it can be placed within a web page for others to see. You might already be a webmaster and are looking for a high paying affiliate program so technology may not even be an issue to you. Most credible affiliate programs will have links already configured for you so either you can paste the affiliate referral code in the web page itself of you can have your webmaster do it.

Developing a relationship with the merchant

If you become a top affiliate with a merchant, oftentimes he or she will give you additional perks like a higher payout commission or other freebies along the way. This in turn will help to ensure a long-term win-win business relationship. There is nothing better than being rewarded for a job well done.

Gaining industry knowledge

I have already mentioned Pace Lattin who is an affiliate industry insider. He manages a blog called Performance Insider that is geared towards the affiliate marketing industry. Another good resource is the web site “A Best Web” it is a forum type site that has a huge following and a wealth of knowledge for affiliate marketers of all backgrounds.


In a world where finding good full-time work is becoming more of a challenge, becoming an affiliate for a top paying program is a good way to supplement your income. It takes a bit of knowledge to become a very good affiliate marketer but with the right attitude and ambition, you can actually earn a living off of it. There are many affiliate programs of all shapes and sizes but for maximum impact, you might want to shoot for the higher paying programs that are out there.


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