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How to Get Private Pilot Training

Updated on July 21, 2012
Private Pilot Stands With Plane
Private Pilot Stands With Plane | Source

What Is A Private Pilot?

A Private Pilot holds a license that allows them to fly a single engine plane under VFR (visual flight rules.) This license is often a pre-cursor to pursuing a commercial pilot license. Those seeking this type of license may simply want to be able to fly for recreation purposes, take friends or loved ones sight seeing or may have a practical need to transport themselves or cargo from one point to another by plane.

He can't hire himself out or accept payment for his services or he could have his license revoked. Further training to obtain additional ratings or to continue on and complete a commercial pilot license is open to those with private pilot training.

Choosing A Flying School

This is by far the most important step in getting your private pilot training. North America and most developed countries will provide you with two main options, choosing a college / university with an aviation program or a small flight school with a single or a few instructors. Most cities, even small cities will have at least one if not a few different smaller flight schools.

Smaller flight schools can be a better fit if you know the owner of the company offering the training or their reputation for completing students training is well known. In general I would recommend going with a college or university program as they have a reputation to maintain and will always attempt to complete your training. After all a smaller school which can be run by one or a few people benefit from your business if they don't let you take your final tests and complete your private pilot license.

Planes Celebrating Flight School Graduation
Planes Celebrating Flight School Graduation | Source

Study Materials And Practical Application

The training you will receive to become a private pilot will consist of several texts of study and written tests. Usually there will be an initial period of study before your first flight, once you've begun flying you usually fly after you've completed each lesson and need to practice what you have learned. At a point during your training your instructor will make the decision to allow you to practice by yourself, solo. Eventually once you have mastered the written testing and practical application in the air your instructor can make an appointment with the governing aviation authority of your country to take the final written and flight test. Some of the more common textbooks needed for training can be found to the right.

Flight Education Programs & Subsidies

In many municipalities, local governments, state or province there will be programs and subsidies offered to assist in education or something leading to a job. As private pilot training is required to get to commercial pilot training you can often get money through these programs to cover or subsidize your private pilot training. Although if your end result only involves becoming a private pilot these programs will not apply.

If you are indeed planning to move onto gaining your commercial pilot training and further ratings to be able to fly in different conditions this is a quick path to gaining your private pilot training. To identify what programs are currently in effect to assist in this a quick visit to a local government office can help. You may also find what you are looking for by accessing the government website online. You may have to search your local government website to find such programs. as they are offered at the federal, province/state and municipality levels there could be hundreds of programs out there and unfortunately not enough room to list all in this article.


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