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How Save Money on Your eBay Purchases

Updated on May 22, 2011

Get a Refund on Everything You Buy on eBay

If you are an avid eBayer like I am, you turn to the online auction site for just about everything. I've bought furniture, groceries (really!), books, music, electronics, clothes, shoes, toys, kitchen items and more through eBay. The site has some of the best prices that you can find anywhere online, and it has all of the hard-to-find items that you just can't get elsewhere. Bargain hunting on eBay is practically a sport, and I think I could get at least a bronze if it ever goes to the Olympics.

Getting eBay Deals

To win at the eBay game, you need to not only look for great deals, you need to get rebates for the items you buy through the site. There is a way to get a rebate automatically for every sinfle item that you buy on eBay. The site that makes it possible is called Ebates. You may have heard about it in chat rooms or even seen the commercial that played in 2010. But in case you don't know what it is, I'll break it down for you. To get rebates for your eBay purchases:

  • Sign up with Ebates. It's free.
  • Use the eBay link on the site to get to eBay and make your purchase.
  • Collect a rebate of 1 to 3% in your Ebates account.
  • Get paid quarterly. You don't have to request payment or do anything else.

It's been fun to go to the site for the last few months and see how much is adding up into my account. You get $5 in your account just for signing up, and then your rebates build up on top of that. Do they really pay? Yes, they really do. I've gotten paid twice now, and it's a nice little amount in my PayPal account when they do.
To get the rebates, just remember to go through the Ebates eBay link when you buy on eBay instead of going to the site directly. Once you get into the habit of doing that, you don't have to think about it much, and you keep getting rebates.

Just copy and paste this URL to take a look at the site and sign up for an account:

Get Rebates on More Online Purchases

One of the nice things about Ebates is that you can actually get rebates on tons of other sites as well as eBay., Sephora, The Body Shop, Sears, Old Navy, JC Penny, United Airlines and many other stores and companies offer rebates through Ebates. You can get money back on virtually anything that you buy online.

The only downside that I have found is that Amazon is not a member site. But, while there are no rebates for Amazon purchases, the items for sale on Amazon can be bought in other online stores, and those stores have rebates.


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