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How to Get Rigger Jobs and Training

Updated on January 28, 2012

Riggers move or operate heavy machinery like cranes or set up things like scaffolding or oil rigs. Individuals experienced in construction can apply with contractors for rigging jobs, but there are also job training courses available for rigging.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mining support companies are the largest employers of riggers. In a study conducted in May of 2010, there were about 13,000 rigging jobs in the United States. Over 2000 were with companies involved in mining operations. You may hunt down jobs like this by visiting mining sites and speaking to the personnel working there.

Another 1,300 or so jobs for riggers were in ship and boat building. You can apply directly with the watercraft manufacturers for these positions.

The federal government also hired about 1,300 rigging workers at the time of the study. Building contractors were the other category of employer with more than 1,000 rigger jobs. As with the other employers, you can often find places to apply for these positions by visiting large construction sites.

Another way to seek employment as a rigger is to get formal training. There are a number of places that provide rigging training, and they will help you find employers in this field. While you do not necessarily need training to become a rigger, it could certainly help when looking for work.

An example of rigger training is the Crane Inspection and Certification Bureau (CICB). This organization has both basic and specialized rigging courses. Ask about job placement services before spending money on a rigger course. This is not a recommendation of CICB rigger training or any other training. Do your own homework and decide whether the training is right for you.

Once you do get a job in this field, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated in the study cited above that riggers were earning an average median salary of $42,780.


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