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Get a Great Performance Evaluation with Performance Goal Setting

Updated on July 18, 2011

Evaluating A Raise?

The year 2011 presents an intense, competitive job market and many will find getting a raise dependent on an outstanding performance evaluation or job performance appraisal. Since many employees are thankful to just have a job, they don't make gaining a raise or promotion a priority. However, if you are employed, now is the time to leverage your position to cast a positive light on your accomplishments and career. Here's how to get a outstanding job review, evaluation or performance appraisal and how to use that positive review to ask for a raise.

Follow the Agenda

Determine what it will take for you to become successful in your job. Ask about job expectations and establish quarterly or bi-annual goals with your manager's input. Goal setting and completion are essential to obtaining a positive evaluation. Make sure you achieve these before the established time frame and make sure your work is top notch. Document your achievements for reference during your review period.

Even the best of us gets sidetracked. If this creates a delay or change in quality, make sure your boss is kept in the loop. You may waste valuable time focusing on compiling that report on widgets only to learn, your boss was more concerned with getting the wadgets done.

Become An Expert

Know your job inside and out. Find a niche and become the expert. Your goal is to become the one person everyone thinks of when a loophole or problem occurs in a particular area. If necessary return to school to acquire or develop a skill or area.

Become Your Boss' Advocate

If your boss feels you have his or hers best interests in mind, you can count on moving a peg higher on the "job accomplishment" list. This means you are onboard with departmental and company goals and know where your superior's job fits in the game plan. And, you are committed to helping them look good in their superior's eyes. Note, this does not mean you become a "yes" man or woman, but that you are on board with the team.

Learn to Manage Others

Even if you are not a natural leader, you must cultivate sound relationships for success. Sometimes you don't have to lead, you need only manage your relationships with co-workers. And, sometimes a leader is needed to work through a roadblock on a project.  Make sure you are prepared to step in an take charge when necessary. Work to maintain an open, cooperative atmosphere in all your business dealings. Recognize the roles of others, their strengths and weaknesses, and work to complement and/ or exploit their attributes and yours.

Become a Problem Solver

Got Problem. Get Solution. Unless, your boss is a micromanager or control freak, they do not want to hear about every problem and hiccup. Before you complain about the backlog in manufacturing chain, make sure you have articulate some remedies.

Actvely seek out problems, formulate and undertake solultions.Even if the solution is not within your authority, spell it out so your manager decide whether to pursue at his or her level or higher.

Get a Good Rep

You can set your watch by good, ole, Scott. He wanders in at 8:05 every day. No one even bothers to look up anymore while he mumbles his good mornings on the way to the coffee pot. You may think the boss and higher ups don't notice. But they do. Don't join the bad habit club. Be willing to stay over occasionally and go the extra mile.

Occassionally, we all have slip ups and that bad day.  Stuff happens.  Just make sure it's not happening to you all the time.

Strive for Improvement

Seek out additional training, education or knowledge. Don't wait for your boss to point out a deficiency, be proactive and address the need first. And, know as much about your superior's job as possible.

Work Smart

When managing a project, take the time to plot what you need to do to get from A" to "Z" and then from "A" to "B." Evaluate how you can achieve the most bang for your buck. Do you really need to take that cross country trip for a meeting that can be held via the phone. Are you spending too much time handling details you can pass on to support staff?

Increase Your Visibility

When help is needed, stand up and wave. Volunteer for projects that are important to your boss and their boss. Don't be afraid to get a little dirty, you can always wash up and your diligence will be duly noted by those watching. This is a great opportunity to show that you are a valued employee when layoffs are approaching.

Get Ready for the Job Review

Get the time, date and place. Gather your notes, check off your accomplishment list and review all the projects you've completed and problems you have solved. During the review listen carefully to your supervisor's comments and take notes.  Read your review carefully and don't overreact to any criticism. Use your own notes to highlight your accomplishments, particularly any ways you have saved the company money. If you are not offered a raise ask for it!  Relax, if you have conquered the above steps, your evaluation should be positive and your employer should want to reward you for a job well done!


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